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I represent Shane Esposito and as of today Shane has not signed with class 22. There is a letter of intent from Shane for the Ron Wilson team, class 21. It was decided to fold Shane's Kawasaki/Kenda/O'Neal/Team because there was no chance in winning the title after his 4th o/a and first in class win at the 500. Score taking the win away after adjusting the entire field. Shane Esposito and Scott Myers were the first ones to have Kawasaki on the box since the Danny Hamel days. Scott Myers, Shane Esposito, Steve Garnett, Francisco Septien finished 3rd over all and 1st class 30 at last years 1000. Giving Kawasaki it's first class win in years

This year look for Shane and Steve on the Ron Wilson Racing Power Performance class 21 Kenda tire backed
Honda 450x The starting order for this years bikes should be interesting if Score honors what was stated at the 500 this year, meaning how the classes finish would be the starting line up for the 1000.
1st.class 21, 2nd. class 30, 3rd.class 40, 5th.class 22

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