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Class 5 Coalition - 2016 Schedule and 2015 Championship Results


Hey everybody, what a rad year for class 5. We had some bickering and whining, but overall it was a hugely successful year for the class. We had 30 cars participate in the C5C series this year and 20 that took the green flag at the last race. Stoked for sure!

The 2015 Championship Results are up on the homepage. Congratulations to the top 3
Adam Spitz - Overall Champion
Zac Reish - 2nd Overall
John Willard - 3rd Overall

Came down to the wire for sure. You guys were rockstars all season and all deserver a huge congratulations on your results all season long.

The 2016 Schedule is also posted on the homepage, and I'll repeat that information here for anybody that interested. We will again have a 4 race schedule. ALL 4 races will count, there is no throw away race, and you don't need to do all 4 to qualify for end of year results and winnings.

The 2016 Schedule is as follows:
BITD - Mint 400
MORE - Night Race
MORE - PCI 100 Mile Loop Race
SNORE - Rage At The River

There will be a year end banquet sometime in January, we're working on those details now.

Check it out at http://www.class5coalition.com


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Congrats to the top 3, Adam, Zac, and John. It was a fun season. Rage had an awesome turn out. All of the 5 cars looked good coming around the course.
Looking forward to next season.

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This year was great, lots of good turnouts. The best part has been welcoming all the new guys to the class. Congratulations to adam spitz, zac reish and john willard.


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Congrats to Adam for setting out to win all three series this year and pulling it off. Based on all the new cars we just saw at rage I would say that next year we'll have over 20 at every race in 2016. I hope Moldy and Spitz get their new cars together in time for the Mint.


Class 5 Racers that intend to race the MINT 400 you need to go check in on the C5C site immediately.


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Great job on the resurrection of C5...all you guys did it together!

2016's champion will be in a Jake's Fabworks 5 car for sure! Those things look fast and anything that comes out of Jake's shop is headed to the podium.