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Class 5 only


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if I can raise the funds I’ll start at NORRA, if not then BAP.

My other races are locks: V2R and Rage

Going to be a weird year as we’ve lost interest in San Felipe and the 1000 since it’s another loop year


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well my race report is short ,got the inside lane at the start thank god ,made it though the nasty stuff without seeing much of it dust was bad bad bad , passed three cars right off the get go and was setteling in to survive the first lap car was doing everything i asked it to do and then some .then i get stuck behind a 6100 truck that i swear was dragging his spare tire, i could not see anything ,I'm screaming at him because he is now letting the fast guys behind me catch up . all i could do was go fast when the air cleared and try to drive though the dust pockets and pray ,then i hear this swarm of bees behind me and i know who it is ,i know he is faster but i am going make my self wide and toss as much rock and dust, as i can and one tap, will not work for me lol zac will have to drive around me .we hate each other when we have our helmets on and love him like a son when our cups are full .long story short did a endo and almost pulled off a perfect 10 landing ,adjusted my helmet, made sure none of my wheels passed me up , heard some kind of mid evil sound come out of co-dog put in second and off we go .stopped at first pit to make sure all wheel were pointing straight and took it to main for a smarter driver to get in, a blowin motor took us out on lap 3 congrates to the green team you worked hard for it .


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So just sniffin around to see what plans guys have for next year.
Ours will be,


What is everyone doing next year?
My first race driving the new car will be the mint 400, I believe Lazenby is doing the mint with us. We might do a desert race before. Mostly all we know of for next year is mint and rage for sure. Other than that were after the races with the biggest C5 turnouts. We help drive/co ride and pit for a few trucks in BITD makes it harder to get our car out to all those races.

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Zac Reish

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Ridgecrest: I really think ridgecrest would be a good candidate for a large turn out. It’s not too far, it’s not an expensive entry, it has a lot of different terrain and elevation changes, usually a 60-70 mike lap, plus very technical and difficult in areas, you can pit and chase. It gives everything an old fashioned race used to give.

V2r sounds real fun

Other than that I’d leave it up for the numbers to speak for themselves.


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So when’s the next big 5 car race
Take a look at the 50th SNORE 250 February 15-16 next year , the track is 87 miles long and will run most of the mint track other than the Primm area and give racers a chance to do a little course recon. Also the Roadhouse ( Gold strike) in Jean is sponsoring the race putting up $1,000 for 1st in class 5

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McCredie A

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Thanks guys! Steve I may take you up on that. I am heading over to Erik's today to try some springs. Bill it was great meeting you last weekend!