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Class 5 only


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Good, does that mean you will let some other guys get up front in 6100 next year? Haha. I am sure you just mean you will race the 5 car in other races and the 6100 in BITD. I cant keep up with one race car, cant imagine what you guys go thru with 2.

Cant wait for LDC.

Kelson Motorsports (Brandon Williams) is running their 5 car at LDC. I bet this years LDC will be a huge turnout. Double points at Laughlin is hard to pass up.

Mike you can’t post here unless you get a class 5 approves tramp stamp tattoo. Or get a class 5. Up to you ;)


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Haha ok In that case I will stay out of here

I would love to own a class 5 but I could do without a tramp stamp. I know that would just turn Travis on too much anyway. Hehe. He already looks at me
like his Big bear.

Leaving Class 5 “Only” :)


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Have fun and stay safe out there. I plan on playing alot more with you guys next year. This year has been all BITD. Not going to run two cars in BITD again. WAY to much money and stress.
Were running all snore or more races next year too, more time camping with the crew and pre running! Plus its a lot easier on the wallet.


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In case you haven’t seen the pic and since it’s pretty rad, here is the shot of me babying the grinch yesterday.

Zac handed me a perfect car with around a 30 second lead on bean. I got busy but it was dusty, I took 3 big chances in the dust and got lucky to only have this pic to show for it, someone was looking over me. When bean got within 10 seconds I turned it up and got it to about 45 seconds then boom rear flat. Changed it and was down about 7 mins after the re-rack at pit A. Game plan did a 180 and we brought it home for 2nd.

Grateful for this experience, i still don’t know how I ended up getting to call these guys my friends. Zac, Daron, Tyo, Erik, Kenny, cole, Ken, Trevor, Tony, you guys make life better. Looking forward to taking our crew to Baja to defend our win.