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Class 5 only

Zac Reish

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Haha. The more I watch that more it cracks me up. You definitely went through there faster than anyone else on the planet. I might keep studying this and hit it the same way.


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Ray, That didn't look that bad. Did it break or bend something.


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OH man, The guy hit the brakes as Travis was catching him. I hope Travis at least honked and used a siren first. (Sound is off at my desk at work.) That probably ended that guys weekend.
Yeah he hit the brakes hard and I wasn't ready. I hit my brakes in panic mode and actually went under him. Looking at it on day 2 his car looked untouched.

I was going for the flat nose pug look.
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Zac Reish

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Dang I’m hoping my car will look like that by the end of the day. My trans needs a physical. It Feels perfect but Parker isn’t short so that boy is getting looked at.


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Chris lazenby launched it off the parker drop in 09 or 10, its on youtube video with all classes. He makes it look smooth though haha.


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I hope everyone had a great holiday. I see the prep pics and had to get in on the fun. I have been on the perpetual prep mode for a while. We rebuilt the motor
(to stock spec's ) and the trans is getting gone thru. It should be back real soon. Then testing. While I have been waiting on others I went ahead and started working on the dual fuel pump and filter setup. I didn't do the second pickup in the tank. I didn't want to pull the tank out. The pumps and filters are getting some custom mounting to keep them in position. Cant have them moving around.



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Here is something to think about:

FEB 29 - PURE BAJAS - RACE #1 - 180 MIN
MAY 23 - PURE BAJAS - RACE #2 - 240 MIN
SEP 5 - PURE BAJAS- RACE #3 - 300 MIN.

For more details, visit: www.averacing.com



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I’ll be teaming up with Derek for Parker in my car. He is giving the front end some love and some odds and ends to pass BITD tech. Trying some new goodies this race too. The car has been parked since massive trans issues at BAP, other than a shakedown at ridgecrest, so I’m giddy with anticipation. View attachment 207431
Nice Ben looks ready for battle!

Should I bring out the $100 in ones to tape to the Grinch rear bumper at Parker???