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Class 5 only


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McKENZIE'S 300 Update:

MORE is anxiously awaiting for an update to the current San Bernardino County Health Order. The County Supervisors met Tuesday to discuss the re-opening of the county and should be releasing the new order by the end of the week. MORE understands that our racers would like to know for certain if the race is going to take place as scheduled. Unfortunately, MORE cannot make that determination until the new health order is released. Thank you all for your patience and support in these difficult times. Hope to see you all in the desert on May 16!

As for the Weddle Industrie's Class 5 Clash...I need some input from you guys. I have put a lot of effort in and have a tremendous amount of excitement for this special big purse clash but I understand that many racers may be under some economic hardships at this time. I would absolutely hate to postpone the Class 5 Clash for another time but if it benefits you guys to do so it makes the decision much easier. I do think many haven't bothered entering because they don't believe the race is going to happen....but that has yet to be determined and I am still confident we can pull this off as originally scheduled.

Forgive me if this was discussed somewhere else before now and I didn't see it. There was some conflicting info on the MORE site about the course mileage. Is it still a 30 mile loop and 250 miles?

Zac Reish

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A few years ago I had just talked Ben Swift into updating the 5 car they had and getting a Jake fab car. My other buddy kenny drove bens car and was instantly hooked and wanted his own 5 car. I got him in touch with Vic bruckman. They struck a deal on the car and he ended up getting it and racing it at rage at the river a few months later in 2017. Shortly after he quit his day job and started his own septic pumping business called Center Septic. He’s out of valley center ca. So anyone with a septic system needing service he is the guy.
Anyways our buddy Erik Irvine borrowed it to do some pre running. If you ever want to know if your car is bomb proof let erik drive it.. Not sure how many miles erik went but he brought it back to the pit with a whining trans an engine with cracked cylinder heads, the beam was cracking in multiple places and there was at least one broken front trailing arm. The car had lots of miles prior and Erik literally put the nail in the coffin on this 5 car. So kenny takes his Destroyed car and drags it into an enclosed trailer and closes the door on it over 2 years ago.

So, Kenny quit his job, lived in a camper, bought a 30 acre property, built a house on it, and is now rebuilding this legendary Baja bug. And I’m going to be the one doing the dirty work with the help of my equipment mechanic Sam.

Game plan is to tear it down to bare chassis, clean inspect, rebuild, repair, and or replace everything that needs it. In addition he doesn’t want any excuses to not be competitive when this thing is done so he’s deciding to have the fab ninja Jake Johnson put his winning front suspension set up on this car. I figured I’d put this here to liven Up the class 5 thread with a legit 5 car with a big type 4. I’ve never driven this car but I’ve had the unfortunate pleasure of taking second place to this wicked fast car back in 2013. We’re gonna bring it back faster than ever. Looking forward to watching kenny smoke some dudes with this old school beast.



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I welded on that car at the Powder Puff many years ago. Guessing none of that fine stickwelding is still on it. Lol
it's an '87 RaceCo with a 2332 fat performance dry sump with a TF-1 case. 091 box with all weddle internals and locker. Seems as though everything was top of the line that went into it, it's just old technology now.


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Keep the old girl complete. Really, used parts from a car that old wont help much. It is a perfect NORRA car. As is.


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Steering stuff will be too worn out. Trans is a Bus Box, Too small, Seats will be worn out. Fuel cell will need complete rework. Shocks look perfect, use those.
But I work for the government so it's pretty much the only way I'm going to get my 5 car rolling. Plus NORRA is about the only race I can run the thing in and have a chance in hell of doing decent. Only other class would be sportsman and that's no fun. I can run my 5 car in any series.


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Just an FYI- Weyhrichs had a 1 car like that back in the 1980s, and they were from Portland. Very good chance that could be their car they raced VORRA and OORRA with. Migt be worth a photo shot to them. Could be some history in that car.