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Well we snuck in for a last minute entry for the GG cup. Zero test time since having the car darn near down to the bare chassis and getting it fired up the night before.

Got there and sized up the competition, looked like we were running the Crumco Cup. We had Cade in their "spare" Crumco, Willard in his, and the Weston camp in their new Herbie Crumco. Allen Byma was also out in his JFW 5u but running in Sportsman class which was grouped with the 1600's

Our heat had (4) 5u's, (3) 10 cars, and 1 or 2 12's. We felt good in the practice lap and were able to stay right on the Herbie bugs bumper for most of it. Figured we'd be able to pluck them off for sure on the qualifying lap. (The JCB and Cade took off like rockets per the usual and were nowhere to be seen)

Qualifying did not go so hot. We were positioned for the outside corner of the berm on the 4 wide start, so we knew we'd need a massive hole-shot to be able to file into the mid pack position. I put the 2.5 on the rev limiter at 7100 and side-stepped the clutch. We inched on everyone, but it wasn't enough as the far position put us way up on the berm. Within about 45 seconds we lost the ability to use 2nd gear. Something was wrong but we kept plugging away jumping from 1st gear to 3rd. This put us WAY behind, but luckily we managed to finish our lap & get back without a tow. As we were driving through the pits the shifter went totally floppy and we were stuck in 1st gear.

Started pulling stuff apart and noticed something did not feel right with the front hockeystick shift shaft that sticks out of the front of the trans. Pulled the nosecone of the trans off and a huge broken piece of the hockey stick fell right into the oil catch pan. Inspected everything else that was visible, and shift rails & bearings all looked good. Hiked around to try to find a spare since the 2D uses the same part as a type 1 vw trans that the 9 car and 11car crowd run. Didn't have any luck. Called up my Mom and asked her to dig around in some boxes in her garage that have old VW goodies in them. She found one, but it was going to be a few hours until it could be brought out.
We called Folts who's shop was only like 30 minutes away and went and picked up an updated / stronger Weddle part. Got that installed just in the nick of time for the 1st motos.

Jumped back out there for the 1st motos and still had shift issues, but was able to do OK. Came back and played with the adjustments on the shifter to hopefully get it to shift smoothly. The bummer was that it's shifting fine in camp, but then acting up once hot. Made the adjustments and prayed it'd hold for the LCQ. At this point we needed to do top 3 in the LCQ or we'd get the boot.

Willard's boys were wheeling the JCB for the LCQ I believe. They jumped out front on the start, but we were barely able to file in ahead of the herbie. Was able to stay on the JCB as their pace seemed a little slower compared to John driving. It looked they started to have issues and pulled off, so we took the lead for the 5u LCQ heat. The (2) 10 cars were ahead, but that gave us the 3rd physical across the line we needed to move into the main event. Car was shifting flawlessly and was able to no-lift shift the poor little H-pattern 2d cracking close to triple digits on the back straight.

In between heats we went and walked over to the area where the big step-downs and step-ups were to watch our buddy in his 1600 car.
I realized by watching this heat hat the 1600 cars were flying off all the stuff that I was checking up for. I figured if those cars can take that abuse, mine could to, and we could pick up the pace.

Gave that theory a try on the main event. Cody positioned us far outside on the start again so i knew we'd file into 4th, and have to gain position out on the track. wheeled the 518 as hard as I could, threw it on 2 wheels, 3 wheels and was getting a little bit out of control at times. Cade ended up off the side of track with smoke coming from his engine, so we figured he was done. Willard pulled a pretty commanding lead so we knew needed find the right lines and pass the Herbie. This was tough as they were on their A-game and were mega-hucking the big jumps. I wasn't down for the big airs and we had the 10 cars on my back bumper and blasting their sirens. I wasn't going to let them by unless they earned it. They'd catch up, but then I'd run away from them in some sections. On the last lap we closed the gap again on Herbie and were within passing distance. They were creating a ton of dust making it so that we were blind in most of the in-field short course area. On the last high-speed stretch we were 6 inches off their bumper with nowhere to pass within the last thousand feet of the finish line. Something smelled funny but i wasn't sure if it was us or them. My car had been over-heated for last 20 minutes at 240* and still climbing so I figured it was us. They banged off the rev limiter for about 5 straight seconds and then slowed down slightly. We squeaked by at the last second and got the 2nd place finish.

Had a blast and looking forward to mashing it up with lots of 5u's at the PCI 300 hopefully.:cool:
I was driving the Herbie car all weekend. Great racing! On the last lap in the shortcourse I lost second and 4th and split the case in our little 4 speed. I had 1st and kinda had 3rd which is why you heard my banging off the limiter for 5-10 seconds. Coming into the last corner right before you got by me I tried grabbing 3rd gear to hopefully be able to keep you behind me on the straight. but it just wasn’t there and the car stalled and had to let you guys go and limp it across the line for 3rd. That’s two 3rds in two races for Herbie so we’ll take it. See everyone in September for the coalition race where Tim and I will split time the car.


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The next MORE race has two places to check for class 5u. Is the consensus going to be the 5 and dime shootout. Last race Cody bumped it to this race due to lack of interest. I'll throw my money into the pot if that's what everyone wants to do. I just need to get to the finish line this time. Getting tired of getting towed back. Friggin Trans, Engine, oil cooler.


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I signed up for the " Weddle Industries Five & Dime Shootout "! We get our own 239 video, get to qualify, and get a better payout!


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Class 5 is the first on the MORE entry list to 10 cars. I am really looking forward to this race. Finishing it in good standing would be good too. Ok, finishing it.