Class 5 Treasure Hunt

harleys dad

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Not true at that time, they started by class starting in 1980 and was the number system for that year. 51600 which I raced in 1980 had 600 numbers and 81 I raced class 11 had 800 numbers and I was the 508th car to leave the start line, the very last car


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I'm still trying to find info in this car. It was raced in the late 70's, and early 80's. I've been cleaning it up after it sat outside for over 10 years in the desert.


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Here is one out of the collection when Jim Cocores ran it at Mojave..

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I was fortunate enough to drive that car one race, I dont recall if it was Jim or Doug White but one of them were feeling bad that day and Jim asked me to fill in as driver, I was really surprised and honored that Jim would let me take his baby for a spin in the desert... that was one hell of a nice car.
I was also fortunate to be able to drive that "Old Yellow " 5 car that belonged to Larry bitcon as well as the 5 car that belonged to Richard Lewellyn (the former Al Jordan car)


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We did purchase the car from Jim Cocores after the switch from air shocks to Curnutt, it came with a whole file of paperwork and a Hot VW magazine with an article stating it was a Jimco chassis. I always assumed the magazine was correct, I'll do some digging to find out.
That car was an ORC built by Dave Snoddy, Curnutt shocks, Curnutt outbord hubs & Curnutt torque limiters, Dave at ORC origanly built that car with Giese air shocks and then changed over to Curnutts

La Tijereta

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Here was Al Jordan's car at the 85' Baja 500.. "Bad Fast" car back in the day..
Al is "all in" living down here in Loreto now...

@ Centerline Images

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what happened to the Klawitter 5 car and Jim Corcores cars? sorry for the spelling! to of my favorite 5's


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Which Klawitter car? They had 2. I believe the family still has one. As far as we know, one of the Corcore's cars ended up with the Maddisons and they were looking for it about 6 months ago with no luck as far as I know.

721 racing

I would like to find the car that started my racing career decades ago. This Jimco class 5 chassis built in the late 70’s won many races including the Mint 400 and at least one championship. Powered by a Fat Performance type 4, 002 Volkswagen Transmission, Curnutt shocks, hubs and CV drive clutches. It was one of the first class 5’s to use all aluminum interior body panels and floor pan rather than the stock steel VW body, tunnel and floor pan. The car was sold in the mid 1980's to the Pankratz family from southern California, well known for sprint car racing. With “Vintage” racing growing in popularity, I am interested in any info on this car and its location with intent of restoring and returning to the Mint 400.

Thank you

Rick Madison
Rick, my brother and I owned the car you're looking for and bought it from your dad. It's was definitely the car in the photos because the aluminum inner tin was anodized gold and it had Curnutt shocks on it. It also had Curnutt rear hubs with his torque limiters. We raced the car in the early 90's. Some Fud races, SCORE, and HDRA. If I can dig up some race pictures I'll post them of when we had the car. In fact, one year we stopped to do a quick shake down on the car at Plaster City literally on our way to the Baja 500 and broke one of the Curnutt hubs. Not a whole lot of guys running those and I had no spare. We continued on to Ensenada and borrowed a hub off of one of Jim Baldwin's extra Class 1 Chenowth cars and swapped it in the hotel parking lot on the way to tech. The chassis was teal colored and the body was silver zebra striped. Sponsored by Coors Dry at the time. We ultimately traded the car to Dale Dondel for a Penhall class 10. I don't know what Dale did with it but I'm sure he's easy to find if you call Racer Engineering in Hemet. I hope you find it.
Todd Pankratz


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I heard as of about 4 years ago per an old friend of his that the last Cocores car supposedly sits next to a fleet Woodys at his place.

Ed frisk

I built ALL the Class 5 cars at Jimco from 1979 thru late 81 when I went on my own. This car (Corcores) not one of them as noted above...
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