Class 6 MDR


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The difference between running sportsman and starting a new class is different. 1st running sportsman class would give the sportman class more cars to run with. This would improve competition and a bigger pay off to the winner. 2dn running in the new 600 class would hirt the 5-1600 class your leaving as well as the 600 class you have started. Less cars in a class = less competition. It will leave 4 or 5 cars in 5-1600 and 5 or 6 cars in 600. Last year we only had 5 or so cars per race. It went something like this, 2 cars would DNF, 1 car would have a problem and limp a round, 1car would have a flat or something, and the last car would cruise the last lap or so.and take the win. When you have 9 or so cars in a class there is no cruising the last lap. Thats better competition and a bigger pay day for the winner. Dennis you guys have a nice car, and your times are there with top of the 5-1600 class. The micro-stubs are a little factor when you are looking at our cars. But it has been made into a big one. My car is old and heavy to. The Wilson's raced my car back in the day. As far as big money and racing another class. I have put a lot of time and money in my car. We do all the work our selves. I come out to win. If I didn't feel I could be competitive I would stay home untill I was ready to win. I am a competitive person thats one reason I like to race. The 5-1600 is what I want to race in. You guys had a nice class 600 win at Ridgecrest. It was also nice to meet you ,Paulden, and your guys out there. Lets try to meet up at the 400 and work this out with the others. Jeff Sack


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Jeff- Glad you are here to answer some questions. I have heard some of the people who don't run the stubs say there are some other changes being made on the newer cars, such as cutting the pan, trimming the body, moving engine mounting locations, and things like that. Do you think this is the case, and what do you think about it. You guys have a newer car, and are always fast, so it seems that your car is one of the main ones the guys with older cars are complaining about. We've run against you in the past, and I just wish we were racing you this year also. If we get our car out there this year, it will be as a 5-1600. Good luck next weekend.