Class 9 beam


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The rule book says material can't be added but the beam that I have clearly has material added to the top of the shock tower. The welds are buffed off pretty good but I can tell. I can feel 3 layers in the shock hole. I'm having to build a new beam because that one doesn't fit in my chassis (lower tube is flared at the end, doesn't fit in the clamps.) I'm trying to figure if I can add material there and grind it smooth like the beam I have. The person I got the beam from said it was a silcock beam.

Score rulebook says above. Snore doesn't say anything like above.
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Also says aftermarket fan shroud allowed?? I thought they had to be stock.
Fan Shroud
After market fan shrouds are allowed. Heater tubes are optional.

Edit, that's from the Score rulebook. Snore says stock.


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The rule states that you can add a single 1.5" tube across the shock towers for strength. How you attach said tube is up to you. My tubes always managed to go from the outside of the top of the shock tower to the outside of the opposite shock tower. This really isn't that hard to figure out. The ones I had an issue with were the ones that had race car chassis attached to that tube that strengthened the tower, but Savage let them race, so, well, there you go.


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Do the clamps on your chassis go all the way out to the edge of the shock towers? The lower tube on a ball joint beam has a flare at the ends by the shock tower. There was a specific clamp that was accommodate this and allowed you to run the clamps as close to the outside of the beam as possible.
The person who made these clamps no longer makes them and last I checked kartek was out of them. They can be made though and not all that difficult.