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Class 9 Graphics


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Attention all Class 9 teams registered in this fine forum 2.0:

If you need web space to put a graphic for your signature, FormulaNine.com will happily provide you with the webspace-FREE. Just email me whatever graphic you want to use, and I can convert it (if neccessary) and put it on your page (or a generic page if you're not yet listed at FormulaNine.com).

FormulaNine.com is here to serve.

Cheers, 951


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Thanks Tim,
I already pulled the picture of my car off of fomulanine.com and it worked great.
I just may have to send you some more pictures.
Long live CLASS 9.

<font color=red>Cameron</font color=red>

<font color=yellow>BRAT Racing # 936</font color=yellow>