Class 9 rules for the future


As far as our team is concerned, if no rule changes take place that is OK with us. But I do want to address some of the ones that have been floating around from our team's perspective.

Weight -
I do not think that the weight minimum should be lowered. If you want to build a two seat frame that will last for more than a season, you will not be able to be minimum weight. Right now our car weighs just under 1500 lbs dry, and we do not have a lot of extras on it. So we are still almost the weight of a co-driver heavier than a single seater. If the weight minimum is lowered, or it is changed to a wet weight, two seat cars will suffer even more and you will have to run a single seat to be competitive. If anything is changed, make the rule the same as class 1/2 1600, 1550lbs and a restrictor plate. Breaking parts because of our weight has not been an issue, we have broken parts, but for other reasons.

Centerlines -
Centerlines would be a good idea. You can only pound out steel rims so many times.... I don't think expense would be too much of an issue. We would only get one set of centerlines and use all our steel wheels as spares. Having a little less unsprung weight would help out the suspension and transmission.

Kartek rear drums -
a good idea. We spend a good amount each year on rear drums. Never had a problem, but don't want to. Buying 1 more expensive set and running on them for a long time would be more cost effective.

IRS / Kingpin -
Don't do it. There are too many cars around that would have to be changed to be competitive. If something like that was done you would have to make some limitations on travel so that swing axle/ ball joint cars would not be obsolete.

I hope this spurs some thought and discussion so that if the class 9 community does decide to change some rules, it will be long before next season begins(2003).

Andy Lumsden
Walters Bros Racing


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It's nice to see some input from the Walters Bros Team. I too think any proposed rule cahnges need to have ample time for discussion and implementation.


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I took a brief look at the "Pre-entered" people in class 9 yesterday in Parker. There was around than 10 or 12 listed. I noticed that most of the SNORE regulars were not on the list. Bro' Rob, the Walters and Jeremy Harmon were the only SNORE's I readily recognized, but I did see several names I did not recognize.

The 1600 group had 66 pre-entered. I don't remember how many class 10's there were, but I'll be 3rd!