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Does anybody know where can I find the specifications for every single SCORE class?
Or can you post what you know?
TT, Class 1, Class 1-2/1600, PT , Class 3, Class 5, Class 5/1600, Class 6, Class 7, Class 7S, Class 7SX, Stock Mini, Class 8, Stock Full, Class 9, Class 10, Class 11, Score Lite (12), Baja Challenge.
What are the restrictions for every single class?

What says in the program/ What i know / Characteristics:

TT: Unlimited production trucks / No restrictions, it should have the body of a truck/car that is commercially sold. (Car example: Camaro trophy truck, camino trophy truck "Zorro Racing") / Fastest class, 700+ HP.

Class 1: Unlimited Single or two seaters / No restrictions, car/truck not commercially sold (Ivan Stewart used to race in this class with his Toyota Tundra before it was sold commercially, thats what i heard, is that right?) (Truggys are trophy trucks but with a buggy body... the same thing) / Second fastest class, 400+ HP?

Class 1-2/1600: VW-powered, single or two seaters to 1600cc) / Very clear from the program, VW engine not bigger than 1600cc. Small buggies, short suspension travel.

Pro Truck: Limited Production Trucks / Same as the trophy trucks but with some restrictions... which ones i dont know. / Fast class, they seem to be very heavy.

Class 3: Short wheelbase 4x4 / Four wheel drive trucks. / 4x4 obviously haha.

Class 5: Unlimited Baja bugs / "Bochitos" (Baja Bugs) with no restrictions. / Fast class, baja bugs only,

Class 5/1600: 1600cc VW Baja Bugs / Baja bugs powered by a VW engine not bigger than 1600cc / Limited baja bugs

Class 6: Unlimited production mini trucks / Mini trucks with no restrictions, someone told me they were as the trophy trucks but with mini trucks (Colorados, Rangers, S10s, Tacomas, etc) / Fast class, mini trucks.

Class 7: Open prodcution mini trucks / Whats the difference between class 6 and 7.

Class 7S: ?

Class 7SX: Modified open mini trucks / ?

Stock Mini: Stock mini-sized truck / Mini trucks with very few modifications (shocks, tires, cage and thats probably it)

Class 8: Full-sized two-wheel drive trucks / The only thing they keep from original commercial cars are the chassis. They mount the whole tubing on that. / Fast class, long travel suspension.

Stock Full: Stock full-sized trucks / Trucks with almost no modifications.

Class 9: VW-powered, short wheelbase, single or two-seaters / Self explanatory. / Slow class, mini buggies.

Class 10: Single or two-seaters to 1650cc / Engine not bigger than 1650cc / Fast class.

Score lite: VW-powered, Limited single-1776cc or two seaters - 1835cc / Fast class

Class 11: Stock VW sedans / stock "Bochitos" almost no modifications. / Slowest class, almost no travel suspension, but these class is fun :D very challenging.

Baja Challenge: ? / There was a baja challenge car that raced in Class 1, i guess that is because class 1 has no restrictions.


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HEY....HOW About........A SCORE RULE BOOK ??