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class7 in laughlin


I would like to thank Rick Taylor in advance for the opportunity to co-drive in his Ranger (class7) on Saturday during the Laughlin race.

Last year the team was plagued with some engine problems, but that has long been fixed.

We are looking for a win this year. Cheer for us in Class7 !

See last years truck in Laughlin:


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Go Rick Taylor, we will be cheering for you!


P.S. And moving out of your way as fast as possible!!!! HEHE


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go for it Klaus....
lets all meet after the race at the choo choo and celebrate.......

when everything is under control, you are going to slow!!!!!


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Last year I had Klaus all set up to ride with me on Sunday . We made a timing error on the motor, like fifty degrees or something like that and melted 3 pistons on a brand new motor. So this year Klaus we will go for the Trophy. Were going to have to run like a rabbit to stay ahead of Turner and Dircks. Im looking forward to seeing y all.


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Klaus, I'm envious.... By the way, bring a few of the DP tapes pleez. I need two more. See you next weekend in staging. DON'T RUN OVER MY FEET, PLEEZ.


Good luck Klaus!

Be safe, wear your gear, including a neck brace and kidney belt. Try to relax and you'll have a great time.



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Hi Rick good luck in laughlin. good to see your still racing .tell Cris hi. talk soon, Dennis ,11 Brothers