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We just dropped the price even more on our Black Cat high flow external catheters. Retail price is normally $15, but if you call now, we'll drop the clearance price down to $10! Stock up now for the upcoming races. Currently available in 28mm and 35mm, call for availability.

(click for info, call to get discounted price)
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There are a few helmets we have put up on our demo section of our website. These helmets are leftover from the Imperial Valley 250, so they're a little dusty. Crazy low prices! Get em while we got em.

FI-10 HJC SA2010 Air Helmet (Cosmetic Paint Blemish)
Retail Price $649
Demo Price $425 ($224 SAVINGS!!)


HJC SI-12 SA2010 Race or Play
Retail Price $675.95
Demo Price $349.95 ($326 SAVINGS!!)


More Helmets Found Here!!


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We have only ONE of these demo Kenwood VHF 50 Watt mobile radios. price had been dropped more than $100!!
Retail Price: $479
Our Demo Price: $375!!
Call, Click, or PM me. ONLY ONE LEFT!



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Have you been keeping an eye on the clearance section of our website? Sometimes we give SWEET discounts on great equipment! I just found this baby on there and had to put it on blast. If you need a radio-less kit that's perfect for allowing the co-driver to get out of the vehicle and spot the rocks (or if you're a madman and often scare passengers from the vehicle), well you better quickly order this kit before someone else snatches it up. $250 off the retail price so act fast!

Wireless intercom and transmitter allows co-driver to remain untethered for true wireless communication and quick exit out of the vehicle to assist for spotting.

• Developed for Rock Crawling and "King of the Hammers"
• Bluetooth technology up to 300' transmission range
• Co-Driver/Spotter is not tethered to in-car equipment
• Mobile radio not required


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Just in time for Memorial day, show off your patriotic spirit by sporting one of these Red, White, and Blue, star spangled headsets. These are in very limited supply, so only 14 people will get these at this great price. Our standard H42-RED headsets are normally $159 retail, but as a special memorial bonus we're blowing these out at only $99!! Click the image to purchase now!


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Hey guys, here for another Clearance bump, and it's a doozy.. I've been working on getting more and more stuff up on the demo/clearance section of our site as well as throwing a few gems in specials for people who are paying attention to that part of our site.
(reg: $65)
First up is some RH3R 3 watt dual band radios. We loaned them to the local speedway (Santa Maria Speedway) for the Xtreme Speedway Tour not too long ago. Slightly used, but work great! I also threw a small bonus inside one of the boxes for the RH3R so cross your fingers :)

(reg: $159)
Need a headset that matches your blue radio? We have a couple display models left of our old style H42-BLUE. It's not actually old, we just recently changed to a lighter blue.

(reg: $349)
This is one of those gems I threw up for you guys. Brand new, in-box, unused, perfect condition (did I mention it's new?) RRP357. If you need an intercom (do you live under a rock?) this is a great price for this baby. Grab it while it's on special.

(reg: $50)
Holy crap, are we really selling a PTT for 10 bucks?? Hold on, I gotta check if this is right. *Cue the hold music*...
Well okay then. Yup, ten bucks.. There ya go, get a spare if you need it! Need an extension? We got em here!


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This one is a good one. When nobody was looking I snagged a 4 person ultimate 686 kit and threw it on the clearance rack. Nobody noticed so I'm putting it up for a stupid low price (almost $400 off... haha). There's only one so snag it up before someone notices!!

ONLY $899 (retail $1287.90)



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Lets see if we can get a few more web orders in today. I've got two headsets that I gotta get rid of. Red and Orange. Both H42's, both in awesome condition, both are $95, and both are capable of making the wearer time-travel.

Okay, maybe no time travel, but you will be riding in style (at the normal speed that time passes by, of course)



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Racing is loud. Whether your watching, working, or driving, there's no getting away from it. As much as I get a rush from literally feeling the roar of the engines in my chest, I also want to avoid the "ringing phone" effect that plagues me afterward. Which is exactly why I threw up a few hearing protection headsets on our Demo page. These headsets all offer at least 24 decibels of noise reduction, and come with a 3.5 mm coil cord to be able to listen to a scanner or other audio device. At 40% off, your ears (and wallet) will appreciate it.

$35.40 (retail $59)
Over the head, listen only, hearing protection, black.

$41.40 (retail $69)
Behind the head, listen only, hearing protection, black.

$41.40 (retail $69)
Rubberized, behind the head, listen only, hearing protection, black.


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Time for the weekly clearance bump. got a few more items up today that i know are gonna go quick.
First is of course a demo RH5R. Price dropped down to $65, ready to go.
Then there's this H42-BLUE headset with a scuff of the left ear cup. Only $80!
Need a replacement offroad intercom cable? Boom $25 each. Get both!
Last up is this VHF 1/2 wave NGP antenna. It even comes with a bonus Antenna Spring for added durability (and value). Only $38.40.

(Click the pictures for more info)


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Hey guys, I got a GREAT deal here on a Rugged 3W Dual Band Radio. Normally $65, you can have this demo unit for just $39. It's in Like New condition, and there's only one at this demo price so you gotta act fast!

(click the image or here)


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You ready for this? We have three RR660 4 Person Intercom Ultimate Kits that we need to get out of the warehouse asap, so we're letting them go for only $900! (That's $431 in savings!) This is a rare chance to get one of the best intercom setups at a fraction of the regular price, so act quickly because I know they won't last long!
{td} Kit Includes:
(click image or here for details)


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Have a few more demo items to throw up on clearance, get them before they're gone!

First off is this old school RRP150 2-Place portable intercom. Compact, lightweight, and runs on a 9v battery. This thing is perfect for SxS and hanging out at the track.

Next up is a blue RH-5R 5 watt dual band handheld radio. This is one of our best selling products so there's not much I need to say about it. Check out the long list of features on the product page and you'll see it sells itself. ($65)

Rounding it off, there's a NMO UHF mount and cable with magnetic base. Who doesn't like magnets?


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Here's a great opportunity for anyone looking for a powerful mobile radio! The Vertex VX2200 is popular among pros and enthusiasts alike, and for good reason. 50 watts of power offering huge range (about 25 miles), 128 programmable channels, 8 character alpha tag display, and rugged durability - it's no wonder that the reliable VX2200 is the industry standard mobile radio.

Right now we have 2 web demos in stock for only $295! ($100 off regular price) Act fast, because they won't last!

(click image for product page)


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Have some more demo units to throw onto clearance, get'em while they're still here! (click image or here)

6' Hose for MAC1, Parker Pumper, Race Air, Fast Air ($16.80, normally $28)

Optrix XD5 for iPhone 5 Camera Case ($65, normally 100)

Universal Mounting Box for Rugged Intercom and Vertex VX2200 Radio ($45, normally $85)

RH-5R 5-Watt Dual Band Handheld Radio ($65, normally $85)
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Have a whole slew of demo items to throw up on here thanks to some recent events we've been to.

VHF HX370 5W Handheld Radio ($150, normally $205) 5 available

H42 Carbon Fiber Headset with PTT ($85, normally $159) Only 1 available

5 Pin Coil Cord with RH-5R Minidin Adapter ($32.97, normally $54.95) This handy little cable allows you to connect your RH-5R or 2 Pin Kenwood handheld radio to your headset for fast and easy communication. 3 available

Waterproof Velcro PTT w/ Extra Long Coil Cord for Intercoms ($19.80, normally $33) Only 1 available

RH-5R 5W Handheld Radio ($65, normally $85) 7 available

Kenwood TK-7360HV VHF 50W Mobile Radio ($375, normally $479) This one's a clearance item, never been opened, and it's the only one we have- we won't be stocking any in the foreseeable future.

Play Pack Helmet Kit ($25, normally $45) Also Clearance.
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After attending 3 events in one weekend, you better believe we're going to have some demo items to post up!
Click the images to go to our demo and clearance page.

Vertex VX2200 UHF 50W Mobile Radio $295 (reg. $400)

H43 Rubberized Headset w/ PTT and Volume Control
$95.40 (reg. $159)

Offroad Helmet Kit w/ Flex Boom and 3.5mm audio jack $60 (reg. $105)

H42 Carbon Fiber Headset w/ PTT $85 (reg. $159)

H43 Camo Headset w/ PTT $95.40 (reg. $159)

H41 Black Headset w/ PTT
$85 (reg. $139)

Offroad Coiled Headset to Intercom Extension Cable $30 (reg. $50)