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Looks like it's been a couple months. Lets jump start this thread with about 20 kits at rock bottom prices to make up for the silence.

5 kits of 357-2P-HK Retail: $549 Sale: $439.20
RRP357 Intercom with 2 helmet kits. Perfect for any 2 person vehicle that requires a helmet .

6 kits of 660-2P-BTH Retail: $740.70 Sale: $518.49
RRP660 intercom kit with 2 behind the head headsets. Expandable up to 4 persons.

9 kits of 357-2P-BTH Retail: $695.70 Sale: $486.99
RRP357 intercom with two behind the head headsets. Great for 2-seaters that don't require a helmet (sorry California guys)

And last but not least, do you have tax return money burning a hole in your pocket?
Rugged Radios 2015 Polaris Ace 570!
Click the images for more info!


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Yay! More demo items! Wanna save big on some great equipment? order fast before someone else swoops these up.

RRP357 with dsp



And of course, the most popular of them all, Discounted RH5R radios!

Also, we just added a bunch of HK-OFSP-SPORT helmet kits to the Specials section on our clearance page. We have a ton of these to get rid of so we're dropping them to $25 each! pretty much the least expensive helmet kits you can find that offer full communications. Definitely worth checking out if you're looking for a cost effective option to helmet kits.


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Want to save huge on unlisted demo items? Then click the image below to check out the list of Items we have on sale for 40-60% off. These items are exchanges, demonstration items, or factory refurbished. These deals are only available over the phone, so if you see something you need, give us a call quick to get it before someone else does. You can call us for these items M-F, 8-5 PST 888.541.7223



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Hey guys, just wanted to say thanks for helping us clear up some of these Demo items we had in the garage sale. It was really successful and we actually had to keep adding more stuff to the shelf to keep it going longer than just a day. Glad you were able to take advantage and save a bunch of money on these products. Starting today though, I'm going to be moving the leftover items from the garage sale over to the clearance section of the website. Be sure to check regularly (not only this week but anytime you need something) to make sure you get the best deal possible. I'll be sure to bump this thread with the items being put on the website as I add them.


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Alright, post garage sale update! Loaded the clearance section with a few good items. These items are brand new, they just need to be sold:

H40-BLK - $48.30 Hearing protection headset with attached 3.5mm scanner/mp3 coil cord. Perfect for going to the track, or other loud environment and still be able to listen to your scanner, music, or other 3.5mm audio source.

HKP-CS-OFF - $17.50 For those tinkerers out there that want to construct their version of the perfect helmet kit/headset. Or for the clumsy people out there who find themselves shutting everything loose in the door of your vehicle. (sorry, we can't help with your cracked phone, but we can get your broken duralink connector working again!)

ANT-MT-H - $13.97 Antenna mount for horizontal cage bar.
A) You'll notice this does not include the bar mount with the antenna mount.
B) You'll also notice there's demo bar mounts in the demo section of our site.
A + B = Extra Savings!

And more Demo items added to the site as well. These items are either used, were display models, or simply got a bit dirty out at an event. They're all in great working condition and ready to help you save some money.
Did someone mention bar mounts? Well here they are, 1.5 inch in polished and black. We also have a single 2" polished bar mount up in the same section. Normally $30 each, these are only $18 each (almost half off)

CS-MUSIC-RECORD - $35 Use this cable to listen to music through your intercom, while recording all audio from the intercom to an action camera like a RePlay camera or a GoPro.

MH-O-2 - $42.50 (HALF OFF!) Offroad Motorcycle Harness. Easily combine a radio, PTT, and helmet kit together using this Offroad moto harness.

CC-KEN-LSO - $23.97 This listen only cable allows you to monitor transmissions from your RH5R, or other kenwood multi-pin style handheld radio. Perfect for listening to your favorite pit team at a race event without worrying about the pressure of accidentally transmitting over the frequency. 3.5mm plug fits the Scanner/MP3 jack on the eardomes of most of our headsets.


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Going back to the top with another weekly clearance/demo update!

First up is a doozy! We have 6 refurbished RH5R's with extended batteries and a 6 radio bank charger! This one is perfect for race teams, big families, event coordinators, offroad clubs, and many more. Keep all your radios in one place with the bank charger that will keep them all charged when not being used. Retail price for this whole package is $798, but lets just go ahead and knock $183 bucks off. This entire package is yours for only $615!

Over the head ultimate listen only headset. Not only does this headset protect your ears in loud environments (like the local speedway or race track) but you can hook up your scanner or MP3 player to the hardwired 3.5 plug and listen to whatever you want. On top of that, it already has gel ear seals and cloth ear covers for ultimate comfort. retails for 135 but we've dropped that down to only $81!

For those of you who have the MAC4 pumper system from us, we not too long ago changed to this smaller profile filter. So if you're looking to get more clearance for your pumper, snag up this display model filter. Retails for $50, we're only asking for $35. We also have the prefilter for this filter on Demo right here.

Stay tuned and make sure to regularly check the clearance section for deals!


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Save a bunch of money on these refurbished headsets I just threw up on the Clearance page of our website.
H42-BLK Black behind the head
H42-CF Carbon fiber behind the head
H42-RED Red behind the head
H22-BLK Black over the head
H22-CF Carbon fiber over the head

All these headsets are priced at only $110! (retail $159)
Very limited stock so order now!


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Hey guys, you should head on over to the Clearance section of our website immediately, we have some really good specials on whole kits, radios, headsets and more. The intercom kits were used as display boxes at some events, so they have some silt and scratches, but the contents are perfectly fine. For those of you that didn't immediately go the the website.. here's an idea of what's up for grabs that someone else might get while you spend time reading this :p
Two person intercom kit with helmet kits, Retail $587.70 Demo Price $440.77

Two person intercom kit with headsets, Retail $740.70 Demo Price $555.52

10 Watt Waterproof External Speaker, Retail $79.99 Demo Price $55.99

And a lot more! What are you waiting for? CLICK HERE!


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There's still some awesome stuff left on the clearance section. Definitely stop by that part of the website if you're in the market for some communications equipment.

I'm sure someone reading this has a 4 seater that needs comms. Why not take advantage of the lowest price you can find on a top of the line 4 person intercom kit right here:
686-4P-BTH Retail $1215, Demo Price $911.92!!!!

What about a UHF mobile radio:
VX2200-UHF Retail $395, Demo Price $299.95!!!!

Plus many more awesome items. Check it out!


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Got a few things I just put up for you guys looking to save a bit of money on communication equipment.
First up of course is the headsets. Great condition, maybe a bit dusty from being on display at Vegas to Reno, but they work perfectly:
H42-BLK - Black behind-the-head headset. Retail $159, your price is only $110

H42-LTBLUE - Light blue behind-the-head headset. Retail $159, your price is only $110

Now for a couple intercoms. These have been tested thoroughly and work perfectly. Couple cosmetics blemishes but the faceplates look great.
RRP6100 - Desert Series Race Intercom with side tone and isolate switches. Retail $499 but your price is only $349.30!

RRP686 - Touch Membrane style 686 Intercom. This is our top of the line series intercom, but thanks to it being used for display purposes, this intercom can be yours for only one easy payment of $349.30! This one will not last long, so click now before someone else gets the hook up!

We also have a couple helmet kits that can save you money if you're needing to wire your helmet:
HK-OFSP-3.5-M - Helmet kit with flex boom, speakers, and 3.5 mm jack. Oh and it has our Duralink plug too! Now when I saw these on my demo shelf, I couldn't help but notice that they're completely brand new... So, in the interest of always giving the hookup to you guys on the forum, I still dropped em from $105 down to $65. Don't tell anyone, just order them before someone notices and they get pulled off the site!


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Well we're mid way through a bunch of the offroad expos and sand shows so we're hopefully gonna have some sweet stuff to throw up on this thread for you guys. In the meantime, here's a couple intercoms that need a new home.
First is the RRP686. Our top of the line intercom, supports 4 people, and has buttons instead of knobs. That means no adjusting in between rides. The 686 remembers what your volume and VOX settings are so there's very little adjusting to do before getting back out on the trail, dunes, desert, mud, or whatever your choice of terrain is

And here we have an upgraded 660 intercom. I call it upgraded because it already has a DSP chip installed. You will never see an intercom with a DSP chip installed for this cheap ever again (unless of course we have another 660 with dsp chip already installed, then of course you will see this price again, but it won't matter because you already got this one so you're chillin')

Keep an eye out for more stuff getting added here real soon. If there's anything you guys are looking to specifically see up here in this thread at demo prices, shoot me a PM. Sometimes my demo stuff gets swiped by the sales guys for phone orders, but if I was on the lookout for something you need, I'd snag it before the sales guys can steal it from my shelf!!


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Alright, I told you some good stuff was comin'! This is one of those demo updates that doesn't last long. We just refurbished some intercoms that were in need of some love. Some of these intercoms follow the old adage "Don't judge a book by it's cover" because they have seen some stuff in their day, but they're freshly rejuvenated and ready for a new home. I personally tested each and every one of these items and they passed with flying colors. Lets not waste more time and get right into it:

RRP242 - Portable 2 place intercom, Already has velcro on the back side to make mounting even easier, so that's a bonus!! retails for $349, I'm asking for only $209

RRP660 - This is our most popular intercom for sure. Supports 4 places, is VOX operated, and even has a cell phone port on the front, just in case you like to talk on the phone while driving.......... ... .. . . . . . . Retails for $399, I'm only asking for $275

RRP686 - Our top of the line intercom. Supports 4 places, VOX, and has buttons instead of dials. Best part about that is not having to readjust the dials each time you start riding, just turn it on, and it's already set to where you had it last time you rode. Retails for $499, I only want $349 for it.

RRP6100 - This is our newest race style intercom. Unparalleled features of any intercom available, Independent volume control, Driver isolate, it even has a switch to turn on or off the side tone! BONUS: It's friggin cool looking. Definitely stands out with it's custom white design. Retails for $499, only asking for $349.

That's not all, we also have some headsets that you probably won't be able to pass up. If you haven't tried our ultimate headsets yet, you live under a rock. Assuming you've come out of that rock in order to read this, you're going to wanna check out our H42-ULT and H22-ULT. They are top of the line headsets, designed to maximize comfort and quality. Gel ear seals, cloth ear covers, foam mic muff, built in can opener. okay, no can opener, yet.... These retail for normally $179, I only want $110.

And for those of you who've made it this far through this update, got something special for you. We have a couple special "hidden items" on our clearance page. Under "specials" you'll notice some headsets at ridiculous prices..... The H41-CF and the H43-BLK. At more than half off, you might want to consider snagging a couple up of these up as backups for when, say, you don't want to loan your headset out to someone, or simply updating your old worn out headsets from the 90's. I'm only going to have those up on the site until someone else notices, so I'll more than likely be told to take em down first thing tomorrow morning. Get em now!


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Hey guys, we still have some cool stuff up on the clearance page of our website. A few intercoms, some headsets, and some good cables. Definitely go check it out!


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There's some kits, intercoms, and a bunch of headsets freshly added to the demo section of our site. If you're looking to score a deal on this stuff, call or click now as quantities are very limited. Click here!


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Hey Guys, I have a few new things added to Demo that you may want, for really good prices:

First up is the very last of its kind, ANT-MT-H
Can be used to mount an antenna to your cage. You'll just need to get the right size bar mount for your cage (sold separately) Only $13.97

Need a new PTT for your moto kit? Get this PTT-MC-VM
Specifically made for moto kits that have the nexus style PTT's. Only $35

Been wanting to upgrade your RH5R range? Then you need this VHF-DUCKY-SMA-F:
Use this to boost the VHF range of your radio by about 20-30%. Only $28

How about a hand mic for your RH5R? HM-KEN:
Makes it a bit easier to use your handheld while you're riding around your "spot". Only $24.50


Have a radio? Need a Moto/single seat Kit?? MH-KIT-HX
This moto kit comes with a helmet kit, harness, velcro PTT, and a jumper cable for the HX370/HX400 Handheld Radio. However, the Jumper cable is removable, which means all you need to do is get the right jumper cable for your radio to use it with this kit. Can be used on a motorcycle, quad, or even as a single seat communications setup if you ride alone. At only $185.50, you really can't beat this price, especially since these are all new items. The bags were just dirty, so we dropped the price!

Quantities are limited but we're out of the office until Monday, so take advantage of these prices prior to the Black Friday rush!


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Hey Guys, We have a bunch of intercoms that were just put up on our clearance page. These intercoms will save you a bunch of money if you build a full kit around it. Freshly refurbished, and ready for a new home. We also have some headsets that can save you even more on your kit.

RRP360 - Retail is $299, Refurbished $155.00 Only 4 available!
RRP6100 - Retail is $499, Refurbished $349.00 Only 1 available!
RRP242 - Retail is $349, Refurbished $209.00 Only 1 available!
RRP660 - Retail is $399, Refurbished $275.00 Only 2 available!
RRP686 - Retail is $499, Refurbished $349.00 Only 6 available!

H22-ULT - Retail is $179, Refurbished $110.00 Only 1 available!
H42-BLK - Retail is $159, Refurbished $110.00 Only 1 available!
H42-CF - Retail is $159, Refurbished $110.00 Only 1 available!
H42-RED - Retail is $159, Refurbished $110.00 Only 1 available!
H22-PINK - Retail is $159, Refurbished $110.00 Only 1 available!

Plus a lot more items. Check back regularly as that page is updated quite often!
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I just added a bunch of headsets to the demo section of our website. Definitely worth checking out.
We also still have some full intercom kits available. Everything inside the boxes are brand new, the boxes are just scratched or dirty so we're hooking you up.
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