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Closed gates in Baja


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This year we ran into quite a few ranch gates when riding down the peninsula. I map out our rides using google earth and referencing old race corse gps files. Obviously race promoters work deals with land owners, but what is your standard operating procedure when you come across a closed gates in Mexico?

Currently we backtrack and do not go through any private property.

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Closed or locked?
Closed in many cases is a non-issue. The Ojos blue gate for example (probably the most used gate in Baja) or hundreds of other places. Non-issue.
Locked, never weasel around/under them. And some of those are a total no-go for nefarious reasons, so...


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Locked gates are a no go. Barb wire gates In well traveled areas are assumed to be ok. But what about an unlocked nice/new gate along old roads? We ran into quite a few north of Catavina.

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On both sides of the border, the best policy is to leave ranch gates as found: close it if it's closed, don't if it isn't.