clunker junk


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Nov 5, 2007
ramona ca.
our gov. is trying to stick it to us again. i have a 1984 suburban and the dealerships from all makes are trying to dictate which cars i can buy. damn, can't buy a 09 mustang even tho the sticker says they get 23 mpg. the burb gets 18 at best and was rated at 14 when new. thanks to the money i spent to get it to 18. called ford same thing. we can sell you a focus, too bad i already have one. same with gm we can sell you an aveo,sorry i don't want one. why can't i get what i want? too bad as a viet nam vet i take this whole charade as a scam. and when it comes to dodge they told me they weren't even interested even tho they advertise on tv that they will match the clunker program money. bunch of horses$$$ garbage political propaganda. maybe my airplane was killing the wrong people during my time in the military, very sad indeed. if any of you have been thru the same i would like to know, sorry for being an old f*** but when the gov. says they'll help i become a skeptic. and on a last note, if it weren't for the $10,000 i spent on the focus it wouldn't be worth a crap either all tho i can say i get to beat up a lot of imports and v8"s but at what price? ford didn't build it i did and it gets better mileage now than when it was new. anyone want to buy it lmao.