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Coan Racing comes home with a win in the Vegas to Reno, The Long Way!! Race.

The gang went to the Nevada desert ready to take on the 1000 mile challenge. Overcoming mechanical difficulties as well as self inflected wounds along the way.

Day one Jeff Coan and Doug Maxwell are in the car and disaster strikes before pit 1. The radiator fan quits working so they have to stop repeatedly to cool the motor and avoid damage. When they finally arrive at the pit we install a new fan and are trying to fix a shifter cable that had come loose but time is running out. With only seconds remaining before the pit is to close, Jeff and Doug jump into the car leave the pit then complete the repair on the race course using a pair of Vise Grips. They make the next pits with time to spare.

Pit 4 Perry Coan and Ian Maxwell are in for the run to the days finish. The only problem was loosing a spare tire while hauling an alternator to a fellow Goodyear competitor who was stuck on course. We had sandwiched the alternator between the 2 spare tires and the retainer strap let go and spare bounces off into the desert. We finish the day around 10 p.m. During the one hour free work period, a new K & N air filter is installed and the remaining time is used to clean the silt from the car and spray it with pledge for a shiny second day start.

Day 2 Perry and Ian are in for the first 100 miles and battle through the silt and rocks then handing the Jeep to Jeff and Doug at pit 3. They continue only a short distance before the fuel pump begins to overheat again they must stop repeatedly to spray it with water and limp to pit 4 where the pump is replaced and we notice we have lost another Goodyear spare, fine we’ll run one spare. Now for the biggest mistake of the race, even though we have 22 gallons of fuel at the ready, we dump one 11 gallon can and are going to run light, not smart. The jeep was getting poor mileage and ran out of fuel at mile 525 with no way for us to get to it on the closed course. We lost nearly 4 hours parked waiting for fuel to go back to the previous pit where it was strapped to the 7302 truck for delivery (you guys saved us and we owe big). Fuel in and they make it to pit 4 where Perry and Wesley Hall are ready to get in for the run to the second day finish. Topped off with fuel, Light Force light bar installed the Jeep roars into the night. The drive is relatively quiet because we are so far behind and we lead what looks like a dozen vehicles in the night stopping only to give a tow to a stuck truck in the silt. We make the finish of day 2 very late but the crew is ready to prepare the Jeep for battle on the final day. A new Spal fan is installed that is superior to the previous unit. A full service is completed and the jeep is impounded so it’s off to the shower and sleep to ready for the final day, this is around 3 a.m. and we are tired.

Day three Jeff and Doug start with a 3 hour lead on our competition we are in cruise mode to the finish. Keeping the Jeep full of fuel this time, they pass our competition while he is changing a flat we pull into pit 5 at Gabbs in the lead. Perry and Ian are in for the final 137 miles to the finish. The new Spal fan is amazing keeping the motor cooler than any numbers seen the two previous days. It was fun roads for the final leg until the last 10 miles of very rocky and uphill with high risk of flats. We take it easy because Ian is not in the mood to start changing tires now. Our competition passes us for the physical lead but we are still 3 hours ahead on corrected time. We get to the finish and there he sits with a broken transfer case unable to move. Being good sports, we offer a tow to the ceremonial podium and he accepts. It made a great picture.

What a deal 996 miles and the Jeep looks like it could turn around and do it again. None of this would be possible without our sponsors who we would like to thank: Ryan at TCS for the jack we never used, axles and sway bars, and insisting we go automatic. Maxwell’s Racing Engines for a motor that can run at 260 degrees and live. Barry at BK Fabworks for the best, most well prepared Jeep ever. Goodyear Tires, we never had a flat but still came in 2 tires short hint, hint. Light Force Lighting, we hope we represented you well in our first race together. K & N Filters the new system was flawless through all that silt. Spal Fans, we purchased the new super duty fan but we would like a spare. Are you listening? Culhane for the bullet proof transmission, Clive and jeepspeed for the vision forming the class and the advice with the new drive line. T & J for the transfer case that I’m sure needs a looking at. And Reel Driveline for fool proof driveshafts.

Friends, Family, Chasers:
Munson, we owe you big and will return the favor at Lucerne when you win there.
Barry, I hope your trailer is ok after that beating.
Don, thanks for coming out all that way to cover some pits.
Dad, it was great having you there, just like the old days.
Charley, your enthusiasm is infectious and you have upped our game.
Wife, I’m glad you were there to keep me together Saturday.

Perry and Jeff


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It was a pleasure helping you out. . .


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Nice work, Congratulations.