CODE 250

video clips from yesterdays code race are up, sorry but i have no race info other than the clips.

victor fabian
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Nice videos, that Ely Yee its very wild , he hit us just passing the 16 mile visual and do not horns us, it was too much dust with the 718 truck just incorporating and us (1800) going on. Do you have any videos off our truck (1800) or of 748 (His our welding man)?? Hope too see you and now you on the San Felipe Race on April 26- 28. Also we hope that the 1803 truck do not race on the next race's it was a nice truck, it looks like something like a Trophy Truck and or Pro Truck (It was chassis less on the front susp. with some massive A arms and J arms).

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very nice.

Vic, what the hell is that image on your welcome page ? I can't figure it out ?
landmine ?
Curtis you're right, it is a broken light. I think it was a hella though. I shot this picture at last years laughlin race down in the basin. I guess the picture only looks clear on certain monitors. whatever.
RE: the stuck trucks
According to guy on the f150 he was only gonna "cruise" through that section while i filmed for him. but then he hit the first whoop which then....well you saw the clip. Anyways, he almost got kicked out of his house when he got home and his wife saw the truck. It wasnt that bad though, the tailgate had a few dents and he was missing the crappy plastic skidplate that goes under the engine. hehehe.
funny stuff when no one is hurt.

victor fabian
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