code 300

Just got back from the <A target="_blank" HREF=>CODE</A> mexicali-san felipe race and had a blast. I took over driving at mile 91 with our 5-1600 car still in 7th place (started 7th). I was able to move up to 3rd before the transmission (not my fault..... really) broke right before the borrego jump/road crossing 45 miles later.
We trailered her up and then went and partied at rockodiles. The best time i've had at a race by far and we will now be doing the whole CODE series in 2002. Thanks to everyone who helped us out.

victor fabian


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Hey Victor, what color its your bettle, I was coriding the 1801 (White Chevy with I Beams), I got too the truck on the mile 43 and got down on El Chinero. It was a blast this part, I see alot 5-1600 and 1-1600 that broke out on the washes and mountains.
This was my first coriding and it was a lot off fun.

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