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CODE Botica Santa Maria 200


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This just in from the extremely well organized folks at CODE. I am happy to report that FormulaNine.com will be on-site for this one! Although F9.com photography is not nearly as good as what CODE sends, we'll be there. We'll be chasing for Dave Ashles and Steve Moore in the Makena Racing 7S truck. I think we'll be on the Los Campeones freq...give us a hollar! (And, stay out of the way of the red Cheroke with yellow bumpers!)


We had our drawing for starting positions for our next race "Las 200 Millas de Botica Santa Maria" to be held on Oct. 6th in Mexicali B.C. with a total of 90 vehicles so far, it will be a very exciting race.
Here is how the nines drew.
901 Eric Fisher
902 Juan Mayoral
903 Bill Hanson
904 Luis Rivera
905 Alberto Mendoza
900 Leonardo Navarrete
907 Jaime Boquiren
908 Thomas McAdams

949 Francisco Fernandez
Good Luck to All !!
Mex (6)553 40 87
USA (00152)(6) 553 40 87
<A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.codeoffroad.com>www.codeoffroad.com</A>

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This just in from CODE...

Here are the nine results from our last race "Las 200 Millas de Botica Santa Maria" & the championship points with one more to go "Mangiamos 300" Mexicali to San Felipe on Dec. 1st. CLASE 9
901 ERIC FISHER 1ro 4:59:32
900 LEO NAVARRETE 2do 5:07:30
949 FCO. FERNANDEZ 3er 5:26:30
951 GREGORIO CASILLAS 4to 5:45:08
902 JUAN MAYORAL JR. 5to 5:49:21
903 BILL HANSON 6to 5:59:04
907 JAIME BOQUIREN 7mo 7:29:12
908 TOM McADAMS 9no N/T

The points have also been adjusted at <A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.Formulanine.com/frontpage1.htm>F9</A>.

On a personal note, I got to meet Alfonso LaCarra who runs CODE. What a great guy! The race went off on time, everything was easy to deal with. I was most impressed on my first visit to CODE. They are the only organization that makes an effort to get their class Nine results to me. I wish my car was ready, I would have been there. No hassels at the border, or anywhere else. The good folks in Mexicali did their best to helps us out when we went into town for parts for the 7s truck I was chasing.

iGracias CODE!


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I just found the button in my video program that allows me to easily make video's! When I add the pix from this last CODE race (later tonight), there should be some video+sound too! DUH!!!!


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Finally got the pix up. The video on this computer (at work) can't deal with the video. I'll work on it. Here's the <A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.formulanine.com/code_october_2k1.htm>shortcut</A> to the pictures.

Cheers, F9