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CODE Mexicali to San Felipe


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A quick note:
Had another great time hangin' out at a CODE event. TIP: If your watch needs adjustment, go to a CODE start line. When you hear the first Class 1 go, it's the top of the hour! Code had it goin' on! Outstanding award ceremony at a really nice hotel (Las Misiones). Alfonso Lacarra knows how to run a race.

Tom MacAdam won Class 9 easily. I'll have the rest of the field tomorrow. Leonardo Navarete Rayos was looking good early, but had some trouble, and slowed way off the pace. Erick Fisher was blazing to the first check point, but slowed thereafter.

iMuchas gracias a Rafael Navarro de Pete's Camp!

Details and pix to follow.



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Here's some more data straight from CODE:
Finishing Order:
1. Tom McAdams 7:06:49
2. Leo Navarrete 10:13:51
3. Alberto Mendoza DNF
4. Alejandro Lopez DNF
5. Erick Fisher DNF

The season year end points have been updated at www.FormulaNine.com.