Code mexicana logistics 300 pictures


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I shared these pictures with the Mexican Forums!
Thought you guys might want to take a look at them.
Great turn out and beautiful weather! Breezy afternoon made for some great racing!



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Nice fotoes thanks for sharing!


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Nice pictures anymore of TT #50??


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Y yo ??????????


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Jason McNeil ran the the first two laps and handed the #50TT over to Ramses for the 3rd lap. Ramses did his initial prerun as co driver on the 2nd lap after I got out.

I believe we started 3rd off the line and we had passed everyone by RM 20 lap 1. Not long after that we had a flat go on the left rear. I guess about 5 cars went by while changing that out. We spent the remainder of the first lap chasing down cars in their dust. Jason pulled it off and passed all but Vidosola by the time we got around. WE eventually got around him as well on the 2nd lap when he was down.

When the truck came to the main pit for the last lap. We saw the alternator belt had slipped off. We were still running 1st on course at that moment so we made the call to send Ramses on w/o changing the belt.
The turned everything off including GPS Parker Pumpers Radios Fans anf everything else. They made it about 40 miles before the battery and motec started to run out of juice.

After a little rigging and about 40 minutes of down time we got a new battery and 3rd seat co driver Dustin McNeil had the pleasure of carrying that in his lap for the remainder.

I guess we finished 6th. It was a good race and another lesson learned for us. We had a brand new Fox Shock package on the truck and Simon from Shock Pros spent 3 hours the night before tuning. We made a lot of progress with the truck and it rode much better on race day.