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CODE: San Felipe 200


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The good people at CODE just sent me their results from their race which was on the same day as the MDR Ridgecrest race. They had 10 starters in Class 9, and five finishers. I don't have any stories or pictures yet, but they are on the way courtesey Team Geronimo.

The finishing order is:
Eric Fisher
Juan Gallo
Gregorio Casillas
Jose Lizarraga (Team Geronimo)
Axexandro Lopez
Bill Hanson DNF
Alfonso Alcaraz DNF
Alberto Mendoza DNF
Juan Mayoral jr. DNF
Leo Navarrete DNF

El Chinero

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Bill Hanson (a Yumanbeing) rolled and knocked himself out! More later.

Timmy .. do NOT respond to the RCD guys on "Classic" ... stooping too low.

tt de Wilmington I.

Tony T
El Chismoso


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TT, you are right about ignoring the no-namers, but I felt personally assulted on a topic that I take particular exception to.

Too much smack, not enough track!

I cannot wait to be in Penasco! LET'S GO RACING!!!!


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Tim - Looking forward to Rocky Point - see ya there, as long as the flight makes it !

El Chinero

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Bill Hanson rung his bell during a barrell roll .. he flattened a tire in a series of whoops along the Aeropuerto fence line, dug it in on the next one and smacked his head on a side bar. He's OK but had a headache for a spell: "Thanks to Snell!" was his comment.

Tony T
El Chismoso