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CODE Tecate KC Hilites Night Race


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The good folks at CODE just sent this information...

We had our drawing yesterday for the
"CODE Tecate KC Hilites Night Race"
With a total of 95 vehicles this is how class 9 drew.

901 Jaime Boquiren San Diego, Ca.
902 Francisco Fernandez Mexicali, B. C.
903 Juan Gallo San Felipe, B. C.
904 Alejandro Lopez Mexicali, B. C.
900 Leonardo Navarrete Mexicali, B. C.
906 Juan Mayoral Mexicali, B. C.
907 Alberto Mendoza Tijuana, B. C.
908 Alfonso Alcaraz San Diego, Ca.
948 Eric Fisher Ensenada, B. C.
949 Jose Angel Gonzalez Mexicali, B. C.


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Once again a great turn out of nines for CODE! Everyone shoud go down and try one of these races!
We will be at the race but will not be racing. Money! Anyway we will be chasing for the Makena
motorsports 7s team.

Kenneth N2wishN
See you in Baja!


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Good luck to all racers!!

(They race on Saturday night)
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Here are the class Nine results from the "CODE TECATE KC HiLiTES Night Race"
We had a total of 113 vehicles participate.
1 Leonardo Navarrete
2 Bill Hanson
3 Jose Gonzalez
4 Eric Fisher
5 Jaime Boquiren
6 Alberto Mendoza
7 Juan Mayoral Jr.
8 Juan Gallo
9 Francisco Fernandez
10 Alejandro Lopez
Thanks for your support.
Any additional info. you would like from us please let us know.
We will try to send you a pic. later today.
Mex (6)553 40 87
USA (00152)(6) 553 40 87
<A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.codeoffroad.com>www.codeoffroad.com</A>


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CODE just sent a great picture of the Navarrete car

<A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.formulanine.com/FRONTPAGE_1.htm>Click Here</A> to see it!


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CODE has sent in their updated points standings for 2001. It's pretty tight! Anything could happen in this exciting series. <A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.formulanine.com/FRONTPAGE_1.htm>Click here</A> to see the latest. CODE has been making it very easy to keep everyone updated! Hopefully more promoters will be as willing to "promote" their drivers.

(iGracias a CODE!)

Also, the MDR points have been updated too. Looks like a 2 horse show with only 2 events remaining. The same link above will display all the currrent points.