code's race results are up


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code\'s race results are up

CODE's race results are up at over 115 cars fora night race is a pretty nice turn out. A lot more us racers included in the mix. What was supposed to be a technical or tough course, ended up being bitch slapped by Sean Mcullum (sp) over 55 mph average !!! Awesome race for those guys !!! Eli Yee took second overall, Mcneils won class 7 and 7s.
Next race i two months is in Jacume, by Tecate Mexico and its a rally race, 2 stages morning after noon or saturday and sunday. Extremely technical, last year ver 12 cars flipped. !!!

See ya in henderson

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Team Viejas was there

Team Viejas was there in our Stock Full F150 racing in Class 8. It was really a fun race as all the CODE races have been. There were literally thousands of spectators lining the course. Like all night races, it's almost surrealistic, reminiscent of the scene from Apocalypse Now, with all the fires burning and off-road lights flashing through the darkness.

The race was three 55 mile laps in and around the dry lake bed of Laguna Salada. We took our traditional rear start and passed a struggling Class 8 truck at about mile 25. Everything was going well and the truck was handling great. The course was pretty fast but very whooped out. The trick was to get on top of the whoops and not let off. The truck is so well dialed in, that the only question was; how long could the "stock" parts hold up. At race mile 38, in the middle of a flat out whoop run the passenger's side 35 spline Currie axle let loose and ejected the BFG 35 inch Project through the bedside and the truck off the course to the left. With the brakes lost with the wheel all we could do was hold on till we came to a rest.

The temptation was to call for the trailer and head home early, but we are currently second in points and decided to make repairs. Yes, we carry a spare axle. Josh Westwood was riding shotgun and he went out looking for the missing wheel and tire. Finding it so far out in the desert made us glad that this hadn't happened in one of the crowded Pit/Spectator areas. The BFG Project Tire was flat having gotten cut on the bedside. We made field repairs and drove it eight miles to the Pit just after Check 2 with no brakes. In the Pit, Jason Hughes went to work replacing the Brakes and capping off the broken brake line. We had plenty of light to work by with the help of all the eager locals with their Viejas Flashlights. We had handed out several hundred Viejas Flashlights and decks of cards for our sponsor. Being a night race the flashlights were in big demand.

With repairs complete, Josh and Jason took off to finish and preserve our standing in the points race. Josh drove the second lap with Jason holding on in the right seat. At the end of Lap two they switched seats and Jason, driving his first Desert Race brought the truck home in fourth place. Both reported that the course was really rough but that they had a great time.

For those of you that have never been to a CODE Race, you are really missing some fun races. This is classic Mexico racing at it's best. The next race is August 16th in Ejido Jacume, just across the border from Jacumba, CA and East of Tecate. The race is a combined CODE and FUD race and last year was really good. It's a heat race with each class running two heats with combined times. The course is mostly a rally/road race which is very fun. I hope that some of you will come give it a try. You'll be hooked.


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Re: Team Viejas was there

AWESOME story! You guys represent the true off-road racing spirit, complete with Baja drama.
Great job to you and your team!.


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Re: Team Viejas was there

All right! Benny Canela won Class 8. great job!