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It wasn't the smartest thing Ive ever done but I put a Fabtech long travel kit on my s10 and even with almost a massive 9" of travel, needless to say it needs alot of help. The truck is ex-cab and has a V6 but I went with the 4cyl coils for a better ride. It rides way to soft and rides on the bumpstops way too much. Fabtech offers 6cyl coils but it reverses the problem(no down travel). I need something with the same spring rate as the 4cyl coil but about 1" longer. I figure that would work with some 3/4 ton suburban bilsteins in the front for romping purposes. I know CST makes 4 different coils for their kit but nobody seems to know which one is best for my setup or if they will work on a Fabtech kit. I would have some custom coils built but they are expensive and I am already spending all my money replacing balljoints-haha. Thanks for any help-its greatly appreciated.

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Does brand R make lift springs ? If they do, get a set from 4wpw and try them. If they don't work, take em back. At least then you'll have a spring rate to start from as brand R publishes that info in their catalog.


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The reason nobody can tell you what CST spring will work is because everybody is looking for something different out of their springs. You want a taller spring with the same rate as you have now? Toss a spring spacer in there. But like you said, a taller spring limits the amount of rebound travel as the arms will sit closer to the stops. There is no reason a CST spring should not work on your Fabtech kit.

The CSC-C2-3 is for the extra cab 4-cylinder trucks... and the CSC-C1-3 is for the standard cabs. If you are running a Fabtech spring now why don't you call Fabtech and find out what the spring specs are - if you do that I can tell you what the CST spring specs are and you can go from there.