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I have some 2" x 9" travel Bilsteins I am putting coilover kits onto, threaded sleeve, snap ring , ect. They measure 23" eye to eye. 14" compressed. 9" shaft 11" body. No ring for clip, I am machining the grove in myself. I am assuming i will need aproxamately a 500lb coil. I am finding that the a 14" coil only has about 7" of compression. I am new to coilovers, so is there somthing I am missing? Or do I need a longer spring or combination of springs. 500Lb 12" with a 100lb 6" to get the spring travel to equal shock travel?

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That is too short. I have 10" travel fox's and each one has two 10" springs. Be careful when you start stacking springs. The rate changes dramatically from a single spring. Look for past posts on the subject, there has been a lot of discussion on that topic. I hope this helps.


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the equation is
combined rate = (R1*R2)/(R1+R2).
adding a deviding by 4 only works if there both the same rate, or 2 equal springs stacked act like half the rate. plug 2 equal #'s in the above EQ and you will see how it works out.
check out the spring rate calc page @ swayaway.com
you might want to go through the whole process on motion ratio also to see if 500 is the rite rate.
if you want to run through some #'s you can call me at work 818-700-9712(Sway-A-Way) and ill be happy to go through the calcs with you, "regardless of shock brand"