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Coil Springs


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Does anybody know how much a primary coil spring cost for a 3", 18" stroke Kuster.?
I know the coil is like 23" or something and have to be custom made.



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KIng, Kuster, one in the same.Old Kuster=New King

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Very true !! I have never ever seen either have a major problem . As you can see old Kuster's are still out there !

John Bitting

I think the coils cost about $350 a piece for 3.0 coilovers.. The 2.5s are about $100 each. I am guessing because I have been qouted $1500 each for 3.0 kings with dual rate springs. So I am guessing..


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Our class 8 truck still has the original kusters on it. 2 per wheel. They dont have the by pass tubes or anything, and when you want the valving changed they have to be sent in, not just a turn of the wrench like now. They are so dialed though, that they never have to be sent in, and the truck is faster now than the day it was built.