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commercial adds in the classifieds


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just wondering what every7one thinks about companies putting commercial adds in the free classifieds? seems kinda wrong to use th efree site to promote a commercail endevour when we know klaus and john, et al. are not getting rich running this site(or are they?) i can see selling a part or something used that a company may have, but posting an add with a link to the commercial site seems like taking advantage. what does everyone else think?


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Well our policy has been not to allow commercial ads. Every once in a while one slips undetected.

In terms of free classifieds. Stating February 1st there will be a fee for new ads.
Read the FAQ <A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.race-dezert.com/cgi-bin/ads/faq.html>here</A>

feedback ?


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Klause just a thought but maybe instead of saying its a certain fixed price for an add you should do it like ebay does.
Have a Scale so that if you are selling something for $20 it shouldnt cost you $10. And if you are selling something for a couple thousand it should be a bit more then a $20 item

Just my thought.

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We thought about that, but would like to keep it simple.
Scaling it would require our software to do the calculation (it wont) or somone of us needs to monitor it. Plus we don't realy know how much an item actualy sells for. A $10.000 car may trade for $6.000.

By having a fixed fee it might be too much for some or too little for others. Can't please everyone.

$5 / $10 is not asking too much. Look at other automotive websites > autotrader, e-bay, car-trader etc. Even recycler.com charges for picture ads.