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Commercial posts


Commercial posts.

Our old rules clearly state that we don't allow commercial posting on rdc unless you are granted to its designated area (Industry News) so this posting is kind of redundant right now but as a courtesy to our violators we are breaking it down one more time.

A commercial post by our definition is a posting on our site that offers a 'for pay service' or goods or an effort to direct our visitors to your website. Even if the poster is simply asking for compensation for their efforts it is classified commercial.

Unless you are a titled contributor on our forum you shall never plug your commercial offerings. This user title can be obtained by supporting us financially or otherwise.

One exception to the commercial posting rule is to answer a question in a way where your answer benefits the entire group and part of the solution is your services or goods. Use your judgment and be prepared to be judged by our moderators.

- Q: My alternator is smoking. What can I do about it?
- A: Its common on your type of vehicle. You can get the PepBoys repair kit for 12.95. Its easy to install yourself. Pay attention to this and that when doing the job. If you are not comfortable doing it yourself then contact us at ACN or website or any other qualified repair shop. Hope that helps.

If the only time you post is when you plug yourself we will revoke your posting privilege. If most of your posts are beneficial to the group (read you never plug yourself) then go ahead and announce your services every once in a while. If this honor system wont turn out to work there will be no more free self-promotions.

Ask yourself how a company like Kartek would feel if you setup on their parking lot with a camping table and start selling your own off-road goods. That’s basically what it feels like when we see people offering stuff on our site without permission or compensation for our hard work. Its called freeloading and we will no longer tolerate it.

If you have your own off-road website and want to share images and videos (that can NOT be obtained for money) then you are more then welcome to share them with all of us and post links to your site.

Thank you.