Concussion with complications.


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I have had a interesting medical issue this last month. Figured I would share it here so others could learn and be aware of the dangers of concussions from roll overs.

I will try and make a long story short.

I have been doing a lot of flight training in the last month for my twin add on. During the Sim time I started to get a neck ache and headache. Thru my training it got worse and worse. I was taking a lot of ibuprofen and Tylenol to make it thru.
After my checkride it got really bad. I just figured it was stress and from using my left hand on the yoke so much. I woke up in the middle of the night with a crazy pounding. I took my blood pressure and was really high. 190/120. I don’t have high blood pressure so that scared the heck out of me.

I woke up in the morning and took it again. It was 205/128. I thought ok I need to go to the DR. I went to insta care and they sent me to the ER.

they did MRI/MRA and decided it was a tension headache that got out of control which then caused the high blood pressure. They also noticed one of my main artery’s into my brain was clogged but thought that was just plague build up and I would be fine and unrelated.

they sent me home with some meds. I got a call later that night from a Neurologist that reviewed my case and found out I had been in a roll over recently. With that info he went back and looked my my scans and found that it looked like the artery had been torn in the roll over and while healing for clogged 90%. He had me go back on for CTA scan to confirm and sure enough it was torn. There are two of these artery’s in your head and you only need one but if one is clogged it can hurt.

the good news is the treatment is meds and they think it will clean up. A week later I am feeling way better and didn’t realize how bad my headaches were.

we rolled our truck at a race going about 50 on a dry lake bed. It was pretty violent but I only had a slight headache and didn’t black out so the DR I went to for a check up thought I was fine. Who knew there was damage that could have killed me.

They think it was the fast side to side movement that tore the artery. Hans does not help with side to side movement much. They are mostly for forward movement

if you have even a slight concussion and continue to have headaches don’t ignore it. Things can go bad really fast.

Edit- We are pretty good at listening to our race vehicles when they are talking to us. A high temp, a noise, using more fluid than it should, etc.. We listen to what its saying and we fix it. Your body is the same, it talks to you. If something isn't right there is usually a underlying issue. Fix it before it breaks down completely on you.

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Thanks for sharing, I think people sometimes forget the amount of force your body withstands in a racecar, the adrenaline masks alot of that. I have personally had 3 or 4 very bad concussions, and am starting to feel the effects, I am being very careful with my head now

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conncusions are no joke, having raced mx seen em& enjoyed a couple myself, glenhelen practice day, did a mike kiedrowski hi side wfo, woke up 30 ft away from bike, got on , didnt know which way to go, had to wait for another rider to follow back to pitts, got to pitts , couldnt rememb er park spot, didnt go to Dr.but did have head aches for a few weeks, went away.if your Ever in any kind of accident, see Your DR.!!!

jon coleman

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side to side forces, ?, sprint car nets i ran, never needed em, ( knock on wood), some of those woO crashes are nothing but side to side..., be safe ya'll


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Mike, another problem that can surface due to head trauma for pilots is a slight damage to the tiny bones of the inner ear. This will show up in actual flight training due to changes in pressure. Symptoms can range from headaches, the inability to concentrate and even extreme dizziness. This kept me out of the left seat for quite some time. Only cure is time. Wish you a speedy recovery.


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Last year one of my co-workers fell and bumped his head. He didn't really think anything of it until about 8 days later he had a headache that was getting worse by the hour and he was dizzy. He decided to go to the ER and after a MRI they sent him to a surgeon. He had a massive brain bleed and if he had let it go much longer he would have been close to death.

When the surgeon drilled through his skull to relieve the pressure blood squirted out about 2 feet!

I am glad you are going to recover Mike. Like you said, head injuries are nothing to mess with and we need to listen to our bodies and not ignore issues. And when I say "ignore issues" I am not just referring to head trauma. A family friend ignored an issue for about 3 years and it turned out to be stage 4 colon cancer. He died several years ago because by the time they found it, there was little they could do. He even flew to Germany for treatment that is not allowed in the US and it was not successful either.


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Back when I raced ATV's (GNCC east coast) a guy had raced this one event, and won....he was driving home in his pickup towing his camper through fog and rear ended a truck going about 25-30. He wasnt really hurt but, ironicly, his trophy was in the back seat on top of some gear and flew forward and hit him in the head! This caused some medical situation (Forget what but it would have been bad if he didnt have it taken care of. Always check if there are signs, just like our race vehicles....good post.