Congrats and THANK YOU to LOORRS for a great 2010 race season!


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While we are all congratulating everyone and thanking people, I wanted to be sure and throw in my girlie, mushy .02 and give LOORRS a big congratulations for a very successful 2010 season! \m/

In a down economy, I swear I watched classes get bigger - not smaller - this season.

When, two years ago - we were all standing around, saying "wtf?" when CORR went belly up - who would have thought that only two years later we would have so many new, totally kicka$$ tracks to race at? Instead of standing around, whining about not being able to race some of the old, fun tracks....they went out and built even better ones!

I'm pretty sure AZ racers are pinching themselves, trying to wake up from this dream where there are actually 4 weekends of racing in their (our) own state! And the fans obviously appreciate it!

TV packages for the trucks have been great - we have totally enjoyed the shows and think the quality of coverage is awesome!

TV ratings.....enough said! :)

The amount of work that went into building Speedworld, Glen Helen, Firebird, Vegas, Elsinore (what a waste), and Miller tracks.....I can't imagine the planning and stress and man hours that were spent building us these amazing venues - but I know I am VERY thankful!

The staff, from the girls at registration to the track workers, to those that make the tough, instant decisions during races.....and everyone who works hard all weekend so that us racers can go fast in the make this series enjoyable!

There is a lot I am missing, I know....but still - HUGE CONGRATS and an even bigger THANK YOU for the opportunity to race on the West Coast (ie affordable!), and with such a great series!


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Very well said Corry! I was fortunate enough to go to both series' season enders. And while Crandon is a spectacle beyond description, what Tony and his group have done out west here is nothing short of spectacular! Great new tracks,great racing,great fan turnout,and great TV coverage! Lucasoiloffroad is the number 1 place to race hands down!


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Great drivers always take care of their fans no matter how tall thats what makes the sport great!!!!



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Great drivers always take care of their fans no matter how tall thats what makes the sport great!!!!
Corry is always there for the fans. She is a great Driver & a well versed advocate for our sport. She & Jason are what this family sport are about. They are indeed a Class Act. Thank you Corry & Jason For giving us the thrills you do on the race track & the attention you give us fans off of the track. Thanks Ken for all the info you give us before, during & after the races. Most of all thank you Lucas Oil & all of the people that make these races possible.


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Great drivers always take care of their fans no matter how tall thats what makes the sport great!!!!
Ohhhhhh!!! My little buddy!!! He's so cute!! :)

Yep....warm fuzzies all around, as silly season kicks off in full force! Good to go out of 2010 with lots to look forward to in 2011 - I can't wait to see what LOORRS has in store for us next season! :)


Great year for Short Course racing for sure. I'm so happy that EVERYONE has a place to race. LOORRS and TORC should be proud of themselves for having great seasons and building a future for short course racing in general. Kudos to everyone involved. Can't wait to see what 2011 brings. I have a feeling a lot of new stars to our sport will be discovered. :)

Got to throw out some props for MORR and Lucas Oil Regional series as well.


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TWO thumbs up for Lucas Oil.

Huge strides were made this year.

After getting a chance to work hand in hand with these guys/gals from the bottom up, I can tell you their hearts are in it for sure.

Lucas has a great TEAM of people working hard to make it a great place for us to race and fans to spectate.

Thanks for EVERYTHING this year TEAM LUCAS. I'm looking forward to 2011.

Dan Pentico