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A big RIGHT ON from us west coast CORR fans to Ross Hoek for his first win in Sportsman 2 during Saturday's race in Antigo! I just saw the points totals and the next race, Labor Day weekend in Crandon, should be really exciting. Greg and I will be headed out for sure (it was iffy for a while there, but seeing how close the points are promises a pretty exciting race so now we CAN'T miss it!). LeDuc and Renezeder are tied in Pro 4 and the Pro Lite race is close enough to keep us on the edge of our seats. Taylor has a god lead in Pro 2, but Renezeder and Evans have just a few points difference between them. Ross, we are very happy for you and can hardly wait to cheer you on in person in a few weeks! Is anyone else from the board going to be out there? Last year we ran into quite a few people from the west coast.


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Yeah, that was awesome, I'm really proud of him. I knew it was just a matter of time before he won with the new truck. With all the little problems that kept taking him out of races, I said all year so far, he'd get his first finish and first win with the new truck in the same race and sure enough he did it. It was a lot of fun being on the other end of the radio with him too. Let's just say it's not always easy to keep him calmed down, he gets pretty excited but that's OK.
Sunday didn't turn out so good, but that's another story, and I'll let Hoeker tell it.

Congratulations Ross, you rock!!


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CONGRATS ROSS!!! Way to go!

Glad to see your hard work and dedication are paying off.

Wishing you much future success!


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thanks jen, we knew we'd get there, it was just a matter of time. i can't wait to meet you guys at crandon, it'll be a ball.

the trucks been great, we just couldn't keep a trans in it. now that we're past that, we're gunning for sweeping the weekend at crandon, and with an unbeatable holeshot we should be able to do it. it took a lot of hard work and good advice to get this truck built and i would like to take a second to thank the people on RDC that helped out. i couldn't have done it without good advice from many different people, most of who visit here regularly, so if your reading this and remember a phone call, an email, or a PM from me, thank you for your help.

the unbeatable holeshot was back on sunday, but after leading most of the race it was all bad news. we managed to limp to a third place finish and a destroyed engine.

who's coming to crandon?? stop by and say hi, i'll try to have the truck in town on friday so look for the superlift ford and if i don't make it find my pit. i'd love to meet any of you that show up.



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the last attachment was the CORR points

this one is the press release from CORR

let me take a moment to thank some of my supporters that made this possible.

<font color="yellow"> Superlift suspension systems </font color> manufacturers of premium suspension sytems for late to early model 4x4's
<font color="orange"> BFGoodrich tires </font color> the best off road tire in the world
<font color="red"> Drive Train Specialists</font color> a national supplier of rear end components from street gears to complete custom axle housings and differentials.
<font color="purple">Royal Purple Synthetic lubricants </font color> the best oils you'll ever buy
<font color="blue"> Fox Racing Shox </font color> the handling of this truck is proof enough, these guys are the best!



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Congratulations to you and your team! <font color="purple"> </font color>