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Congrats to Pat's Pumps for winning the NASCAR Cup Championship!

Chris Tobin

Well-Known Member
I'm not sure if PDailey's Pumps are still used by JGR and the Toyota NASCAR Teams or not, but if they are congrats to him and the company on the NASCAR Championship with Kyle Busch...

Personally I don't think he should have been in the Chase after missing 11 races, but NASCAR allowed it and he got it done!!!!

Chris Tobin

Well-Known Member
Lol. Thank you Tobin. This is our 2nd championship. First was with Penske and Keselowski. I have some very good friends that work at TRD and I'm very excited for them!
Didn't realize you are on the Ford engines too, I thought it was just the Toy's... I wanted to openly congratulate you since everyone knows how I feel about Toyota...

I thought it would have been great for Jeff to go out a winner by winning the Championship in his last race, but figured Harvick would take it... I also figured JGR and KB would have their traditional Chase meltdown and finish last of the four... Boy was I wrong!!!

I really wish none of the Chasers would have won this year or last year though, it just ensures that NASCAR will stick with this dumb Chase format and I think a 1-race event for the SEASON Championship is a dumb idea no matter how it works out. Last year I was pulling for Ryan Newman to with the Championship without winning the race and thought if that happened it would prompt NASCAR to Tweak the Chase format once again, but no such luck!!!