Congrats to Robbie MacDonald


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Congrats Robbie on a great year and the 2015 more class 9 championship

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Thank you matt. You and your dad are the toughest guys around, and a class act to boot. I hope to see you guys racing next year. I have to take a second to thank my dad for being exited to race all year long, and giving me the best equipment I could ask for. Thank you frank for splitting the car and drive time with me all year. Thank you Joel Mohr for building a bulletproof trans and putting the horsepower into the trophy 9, my uncle Jim Sizelove for last minute fabrication, and john Kennedy for installing the Silcock beam that we abuse the crap out of. It was a great year of preparation for the Scotty's automotive 976.


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Congrats kid! And like I told you, some people can screw up a ball bearing with a rubber hammer....The driver(s) earned this one...