Congratulations Ross Hoek!


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Apr 30, 2001
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San Jose, CA
Awesome job, congrats, man! Can't wait to se it on TV. I hope you're coming to San Diego to run Pro-2 so we can finally meet.



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Oct 9, 2002
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holland, MI
thanks guys, we've been fast all year but suffered an extraordinary amount of breakage. it was nice to win again!

looks like we found the last little bit of funding to race san diego! see you there!
Hoek wins at Bark River, Michigan

BARK RIVER, MI (August 15, 2005) The Skyjacker/Toyo Tires Sportsman 2 truck was the class of the field at the CORR Bark River UP OffRoad 100 this past weekend. Bark River, Michigan is located on the majestic Upper Peninsula region and is home to thousands of off-road racing fans that all converged on Bark River for a weekend of wild action.

“We’re very excited to present our race program to the Michigan fans. The record crowd that came out for this event is fantastic,” commented Hoek.

In the middle of all the racing action was Skyjacker/ Toyo Tires sponsored driver, Ross Hoek. Saturday’s racing action saw Hoek put the Sportsman 2 truck up front in the pack of leaders racing hard with Mike Oberg for several laps. The two racers had contact while racing for the lead across the start/finish line 2 laps from the close of the event. The contact left Oberg sidelined with a deflated tire while Hoek led the field briefly before loosing the entire right front wheel ending his run for the checker flag.

However, on Sunday, Hoek was determined to set the record straight. After suffering several different mechanical set-backs this season, Hoek and his crew spent an extraordinary amount of time preparing the Sportsman-2 truck for the winning race. Sunday practice went flawlessly, the Skyjacker Sportsman 2 was ready for another great run at Bark River!

Ross was second off the line behind Oberg who took the lead exiting the first turn, but that was short lived as Hoek raced Oberg close for the entire lap. Feeling the pressure of the fast charging Hoek, Oberg spun out and Ross easily made the pass. With clean air and an open race track in front of him, Hoek hit his marks with perfection and took his second victory of the season.

“Our team worked very hard on the race truck and they gave me a tremendous race machine to perform in. We battled tight with Oberg in both races but once we got in front there was no stopping the Skyjacker/Toyo Tires/Herculiner Sportsman 2. The truck ran near flawlessly. I can’t say enough for the continued support and commitment from all of our sponsors. The opportunity to treat off-road racing fans to spectacular events such as this Bark River race is much appreciated,” said Ross.

Rounds 11 and 12 are set for September 3rd & 4th, 2005 at Crandon, Wisconsin. All the rounds will be covered by SPEED Channel. Check your local listings for times and dates.

Our many supporters include: Skyjacker Suspensions, Toyo Tires, Herculiner Truck Bed Liners, Beard Seats, SuperStrap, Drive Train Specialists, Jeff's Bronco Graveyard, Royal Purple Synthetic Oils, Fox Shox, C&R Racing Radiators, Chicago Pneumatic Tools, Oliver Racing Products, Wilson Manifolds, Racer-X Motorsports, Dart Blocks, Miller Electric welders, MSD Ignitions, JE Pistons, T&D Machine Products, Goodwin Competition, REM chemicals, Finishmaster / PPG, Stoner Products, ARP, Optima Batteries, Fuel Safe, Peterson Fluid Systems, Auto Meter, Cimatron CAD/CAM systems, Loctite, and Goodridge hoses.

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Apr 23, 2002
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Allright Ross!

Keep those Mechanical Demons off your wing and show em what for!

Can't wait to see the race. VCR will be set for "RECORD"