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Congratulations to Rob and Brett

ken stroud

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What a job winning two championships out of one shop. These two have done something that I haven't seen before. There is only two guys prepping these trucks that showed up to every race in top shape. Great job Scott and Bo.

Robert Mason

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Congrats to Sourapas Motorsports! Winning both the Trick Truck and 6100 championship in the same year. Cant ask for much more than that.

Jerry Zaiden

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Congratulations guys well done!

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Congrats on your great year Sourapas Motorsports! But I remember when Scott had 3 championships in one year! Scott and now Bo do things that most race shops would kill to do.You have one of the best kept secrets in off-road racing in your stable, can't wait to see whats in store for next year and the new trucks!