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Wow. I just read this whole thing. Blew threw a lot of the Green Let me give you a blue collar class 12 cars input on combining my class. First, I say no way. I choose to save and get help from my teammates/buddies just to cover the entries and fuel.....But we do it. Due to money it took me 4 years to build my car. It’s probably the only professional built car i will ever have or Can afford. Why did i choose class 12? 1st i love the air cooled engines. I get nothing but respect in Baja with a VW. No, not because its cheap. A competitive engine is over 10k. The sequential trans 15k. Blah blah....Back to class combining. In class 12, hopefully like other classes, we all communicate and talk about what races we wanna all do. We are all buddies....except for 1 or! In a couple weeks already 12+ entries in class 12 at Primm.
I know of 3 Brand new cars being built as I type, 1 will be 1st time out at Primm. “Cactus Killers”
One of the questions I always get is “how much money do i win?” Look, its really simple. If I wanna be seen and have people come watch me race, I would do short course at Glenn Helen. We don’t go 500+ miles down into Baja at night, cold, wet and all alone to be famous or have a fan count. I do it for a few reasons. Desert racing is the ultimate challenge. From every part in your prep to logistics. Self pride. The people. Everyone on here i can be pretty sure would stop and lend a hand to any other fellow racer. More than once i have crammed some dude into my truck hauled his butt 80 miles to the next pit. Total stranger, no problem. I can’t even begin to run a list of People who have stopped to help us in Baja. For class 12 we have very limited rules. The average is in the 150hp range. In no way do I want to be blended with class 10 cars. The got most of us by 70hp. Also I doubt any class 12 guys including me want to rip apart my engine to go faster. I spent a year getting it where it is today. to make more power to be competitive with class 10 cars? No thanks. Nor do i want to be in a common class with them getting my butt kicked because i am still running a aircooled vw against a fuel injected, watercooled 2.4 or 2.5, di, non di or whatever it is this month. How cou that be A fair race?
At the 50th 1000 we had I believe 14 or 15 entries, a couple were late and not on the list. With a grand total of over 400 entries? Not to shabby.
Bottom line, most that race desert we realize we probably won’t be signing 6 or 7 figure contract anytime soon. Were ok with that. I disagree that offroad is dying either. 50+ counts for TT’s and the utv’s also.
Class 12 we did a count not to long ago there is about 25-30 cars running or in prep stage today.
were good and like being called class 12.