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contestants needed for new offroad reality show.....TRUCK REPUBLIC


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these people need contestants for new reality show with 4 trucks per show....
We're looking for loads of drivers now who have rigs with off-roading capabilities, but are still street legal. Below are a few of the requirements for the trucks/jeeps we need:

Moderately modified, all purpose, 4x4 rigs (trucks or jeeps) with the following criteria:

  • 35” - 38” tires
  • steel working doors
  • original cab
  • original concept suspension (Lift Kit ok)
  • minimum rear locker (front locker optional)
  • minimum 4 point cage
  • working headlights/taillights/wipers
  • must be registered, insured and street legal in the state you reside.
  • must pass “on road” vehicle safety inspection in the state you will be competing
  • DOT or SNELL approved helmets


This is one of the times that having a convertible Chrysler Lebaron mounted on a f-150 frame would be epic.
I've always wondered why you'd have one of those but now I'm wondering why I don't have one?


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Does it pay?


A steel cab street legal 1450 should work but it sounds more like a mud bog trail climb sort of thing

Turbo Dog

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I don't have 35" tires, only 33", and I don't have a rear locker but I don't need one with enough weight on the bed this thing can plow through 3 feet of snow and once pulled a semi out of a ditch. It's a REAL truck, 383 stroker with 4.56 gears, goes to 24:1 with the transfer case in low range. No roll cage but a real buckboard.

You can out run it, but you can't hold it still.