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Hey Wayne, how was the CORE meeting last night? Did you enjoy driving Brad's car, you looked pretty good going by us. I'm supposed to get my trans back this week, and we were able to fit new King Kong adjusters in the torsion housing, so I hope that fixes that problem. Looks like I ended up breaking my hand when I was working on the 8 ball, so I have it casted and am hoping it heals in 2 weeks (Yeah right!). Talk to you later, and hope we'll be in ridgecrest.


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Hey Tim
Did you really break your hand working on the 8ball??????
man that would suck :)

The meeting went good, we are talking Ridgcrest!
Easter weekend we are camping out for pre-run & testing Saturday& Sunday in Ridgecrest
im dragging my brother out there, we are bringing his prerunner also.

I did enjoy racing Brads car, I didn't exactly set the world on fire, lap time-wise,
but I ALMOST went out & bought a 1600 car Monday!
Thanks for comming out with the CORE folks & supporting us.

The king kong fingers ARE the only way to go.
Mine are over getting magged right now, along with the rest of the suspension
parts & drive-train, Im prepping the whole car (it needs it)

Anyway, i hope you get better, & healed up to drive Ridgecrest
See ya


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Hey Wayne, finally got my x-rays back and my thumb is not broken. I was told it is a bad sprain, and that I am not to use my hand
for a few weeks. Yeah right, my car is nothing but a shell, and the motor looks like a grenade went of inside it. I was too cheap to
pay for a cast, so I have it taped up for now. I'll keep you posted on the progress of the car, but I will be there even if we're still bolting
it together at the starting line! Let me know how the pre-run goes.