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I have a 94 ranger and i am having trouble keeping it cool. I think my fan clutch is going out. I was thinking of putting electric fans and taking off my original clutch fan. where can i get the fans and all the sensors and switches. Thanks for the help.

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There is a Black Magic electric fan kit made for the Ranger that you can get at Jegs. Not sure how good it works. If you get a new fan clutch...get the HD one, it is worth the extra dough. The fan clutch is often overlooked and effects cooling the most.

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If your looking for more cooling from your fan don't go to a electric, they don't pull enough air. I would go to a new fan clutch like perma-cool that engages at a slightly lower temp than stock, and a clutch fan with more blade pitch and blades, also like a perma-cool or Hayden. This setup works awesome with a good radiator and thermostat, never overheat again


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the key to an electric fan is the shroud. no shroud, no cooling. if there is a kit that has both, that would be the way to go. otherwise i usually have one of my buddies brake me a shroud. its easy and can be done in less than an hour by a good sheet metal guy. and i always use a relay off of the ignition switch. i have tried every kind of thermostat, and they all break. if the key is on the fans are on. not the most efficient way, but the best for reliability, for me anyway. good luck.

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