CORE pits at Parker


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Anyone needing pit support at the Parker 400, we will be on contingency row Friday. CORE can haul
tires and equipment to all outliying pits
Fees are oniy $50.00, a small price to pay for quality pit service!

Visit us in contingency or contact me.
Tel: 818-703-1971

BTW had a great time doing the poker run this weekend, first 20 miles were pretty brutal,
most of the rest was fast & dusty


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F.A.I.R. will also be pitting this race.We will cover all three pit locations with full support.We will also be in contingency on Friday the charge for non members will be $100.oo and $75.oo for members.For more info you can contact me Bill Markel @ (661)943-1786 or (661)886-2877 See ya in Parker


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I was informed to help this thread get back to the first page....ok-Anyone needing help, CORE will provide it CHEAPER than FAIR..opps, Sorry Bill, Im a little biased right now... :) (just teasing ya)
Anyways, Contingency at Parker will have both CORE and FAIR...


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OK kids that's enough bickering! All the support clubs will be at the Parker 400. Both CORE and FAIR will have spaces in contingency. Please come by and check it out. See you at the races!!



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arree weee theerrreee yyeetttt ?



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I just want to say a HUGE thanks to CORE and Tim Lindsay for gettin' our spark plugs wire hooked up!! That was a great repair in like no time! Thanks guys!


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Yes - Thank you Tim Lindsay and CORE for the help, I was getting tired climbing in and out of the car reattatching that spark plug wire!


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Hey Gang, i just want to say i had a great time last weekend at the Parker 400,
We continued on to Laughlin Saturday night

I dont know where to start to thank Tim Lindsay, Tom Foudy,Bob Depew & their families
for running the CORE Shea pit & doing the road crossing for Whiplash,... they worked on
numerous NON-CORE cars & were stuck out there until 9:00!

We ended up with 10 cars to support, if i missed talking to any CORE entries,
please Email me ASAP your story, I will put them into the Dusty Times CORE
Wayne Nosala


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Thanks guys, next to actually racing, this was the best time I have ever had at a race. We had the best seat in the house for watching, and worked on cars all day. I still can't believe the carnage from the first 20 miles. We had broken cars stacked up, and at one time there were drivers walking out of the desert in every direction! Kurt and Tim, I know you guys started down on power with a small engine, but the car looked really good. Glad to hear that Bob's "200 mph tape" kept things together. Talked to the BLM ranger at about 8:00 pm, and he said that there hadn't been one incident, and that everything went really smooth. Kudos to the drivers and chase crews for observing all the rules. I know it is really frustrating when you can't get to your broken down car and driver.

Congrats to CORE driver Ken Tapert for finishing his first race ever in a four wheel vehicle, that's a big accomplishment. Looking forward to the Avi, and already making plans for Parker next year!