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Coronavirus? What Events Next..

jon coleman

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at plaster city, everyone can bring there Waaaay overprepped race whips& we can have outlaw grudge matches around superstition mtn& back🤩


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Do you have a more printer friendly version of that note? That would be great for this weekend to have just in case.
Problem with that is, there are literally changes to the rules and restrictions happening every day. That note from yesterday may not mean a damn thing tomorrow.

J BomBer

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Problem with that is, there are literally changes to the rules and restrictions happening every day. That note from yesterday may not mean a damn thing tomorrow.
until they come out and label Barstow or Stoddard Wells axtually closed, then they are open.


As I'm bored at work waiting for the last half hour at work I saw this on my Google News Feed. Nice change of pace since everything is bombarded with the COVID


Curtis Guise

I was looking for more info about Barstow on the BLM website. This is the only thing I found so far on this page (Barstow and El Centro office info pasted below). - BLM California COVID-19 Updates | Bureau of Land Management

The BLM is temporarily closing developed campgrounds and developed recreation sites in the California Desert District.

Barstow Field Office
  • Afton Canyon Campground
  • Borehole
  • Desert Discovery Center
  • Owl Canyon Campground
  • Sawtooth Canyon Campground
  • El Mirage Off-Highway Vehicle Recreation Area
El Centro Field Office
  • Cottonwood West and East Campgrounds
  • Hot Springs Day Use Area (including parking lot, tubs and pool)
  • Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area – the following sites within the recreation area are closed:
    • All campgrounds and areas adjacent to Gecko Road (including Cement Flats, all camping pads, Gecko Campground, Keyhole Campground, and Roadrunner Campground)
    • Osborne Overlook Day Use and Camping Area
  • Lark Canyon Off-Highway Vehicle Day Use Area
  • Lark Canyon Upper and Lower Campgrounds


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I haven't been on RDC in a while (because nobody's racing) and picked up this thread (Started on 11 March at around 900 cases... less than 30 days ago)

It's really interesting to watch what starts as denial ( ...It's the e'fing flu people! It comes around every year! It's only important now because the fake news has made it important!) progress into acceptance as this thing progresses.

Interesting to see who were the people who were first to the conclusion that this was serious and that we'd be faced with really tough choices and those who were adamant that this was nothing (most of those posters stopped commenting on this thread as time went on).

It's worth a re-read this thread because it really shows just how little we knew and just how bad the misinformation was (The hopeful thread of "cases in the US are starting to come down). Also awesome to see people talking about how to support small businesses and concerns for how health care providers were going to take care of their children after schools were closed.

jon coleman

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flu virus's are serious, this is a virus, does all the things its posed ta do, 99% who catch it are surviving, as far as the msm , they are the fear mongers& peddlers of bullsh t info.Not rDc posters, remember, the same hoaxsters who shuved " climate change " down you& your childrens throat are the same evil bastards pushing this c19 as Trumps albatross.cant surf, REALLY??, wtf does surfing have to do with social distancing?, we are being played by desperate last gasp DJT haters.russia russia russia ....


Remember we all have our own ideas on what it is and is not and perhaps reality and what we are being told may not completely align for you.
There are threads for you in our purple section where that type of discussion is the daily norm.

This thread is for positive well wishes and racing related/cv91 type posts only.

Why this separation? Purple is a registered forum member's only section and hence less subject to Google Indexing penalties for critical conversations. RDC mission is to be an off-road website and not a political and philosophy one. However those are valid exciting topics packed away inside this offroad forum.

Now we are living through an unprecedented Black Swan type event and many start to ask deeper questions and we welcome that. In its proper place HERE


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Also for folks talking about PPP, Louis Rossmann (he has a small business that fixes electronics in NYC, describes his experience with BofA and PPP here in this video.


Curtis Guise

So does this mean lockdowns / stay at home is extending to June? A friend posted saying that’s what is happening for CA because he is referring to May and June elections but I didn’t see that exact statement in there. Or did I miss it?



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