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CORR Chula Vista Saturday High-Light Video


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I was down there. nothing like being there, but great footage. what was the outcome of that vicious barrel roll? it looked like it would hurt.


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that looks like insane racing! awsome video, was that shot by yourself or does corr have its own production company ? i'd love to see and hear them with my own eyes and ear, must be great to watch!!! thanks for the clip.


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man that camera that was mounted on the wire gave awesome shots of the whole track on the jumbo-tron!!! great vid !!!

Dan McMillin

Those are some awesome camera angles from the helo. Great action as well! Thanks for posting Klaus!


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Very cool vid. For all of you that didn't make it, I would try next time...............YOU MISSED A HELL OF A WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good job to all the racers, you put on a great show. Thanks for posting.


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Who else forgot to bring their cable-cam? I know I did...
Can't wait for the next race weekend there.


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Those angles are absolutely amazing, if only there was a way to set up cable cams like that out for SCORE races in remote spots. I definitely think speed is stepping it up with there video coverage this season, cant wait.



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Yes. Speed Channel was out there in full force, expect some really good coverage.


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What a week. Spent 4 days at the track. Helped with track maintence. It was pretty crazy watching them go that fast. CORR need to step up there safety. To many crashes with no coution flags. It was cool when Kyle ran over to check on the Fabtech truck. But no officels did. We pulled Evan Evans out of his truck. From the fire. Hope we can help with the next track. Dennis
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