CORR Chula Vista

What year did you like them more, why?

  • Corr Chula Vista 2005

    Votes: 32 64.0%
  • Corr Chula Vista 2006

    Votes: 18 36.0%

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this year, started toooooo late and ended toooo early. Need more filler classes, like dezert 7, 5-1600....for an action pack all day event. Also more classes means more people to come and support their team=more $$$ for pay back.
I know CORR would like us to build a prolite or pro 2 and race in spec class.
So, CORR sell me the drawings and I'll build a pro-lit in a minute to your spec and race it in July.


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I think CORR was intentionally trying to limit the program as to not upset the neighbors any more than we have to. I can only imagine the amount of dirt that must collect in and around the houses directly east of the track. I'm sure by the end of the season they will have had enough of off road racing. Hopefully, we will see that "permanent" facility soon and we will not have to worry about the neighbors and will be able to run more classes.


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Joe needs to let more water on the track. I helped with the track. We wanted to flood the track Thursday and mix the dirt. Joe dust wouldent let us. There track maintnence is water, blade it over, roll it with a vibatory roller. Make it like concrete. Wait 15 minutes then race on a dry track. Then it flakes out in 4 inch sections. We tryed to mix it down about a foot. Why do they have a caution in the middle of the race. to bunch them back up. Other then that i had a blast. Alot of good racing. Hope to go back to the next one. Thanks for bringing Short Course racing back home to Southern California.


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i voted 05 only because there was more racing and media wasnt restricted to an area the size of a cereal box.


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Didnt make either one of them. :mad: But, they should add desert classes. At least for the races in Socal.