CORR in Crandon


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For those of you who didn't go you missed some good racing today. In pro-lite Kincaid raced to an easy victory. Huseman had motor problems and didn't fare so well with a dnf. In Pro 4 Douglas had the early lead until about 4 laps in when he had mechanical problems and pulled off the track. Renezeder started 5th and worked his way up to 2nd behind LeDuc. He made his way by LeDuc with three laps to go and held on to the win for his first world championship ring. In Pro-2 Taylor had the early lead and built up a lead of half a lap. Evans proceeded to hit anything that moved knocking Vandenhueval out and making contact with Probst. Meanwhile, Taylor had caught up to Evans and was trying to lap the damaged truck of Evans and contact in the corner resulted in a black flag to Taylor handing Carl the lead and eventually a win. The Protrucks were not as fast as I thought they would be due to the desert suspension set up and limited motors. With some modifications they would fare well on the short track. Changes to the track making it shorter made for much better racing with almost the entire track in view of the fans. Tommorrow's racing should be just as good with the addition of the Borg Warner Cup Sunday afternoon.