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CORR Is Calling All Buggies


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kevin bedrock graves said:
yes they do corr cars single port ,score legal cars can run dual port. i got that straight from the horeses mouth. the first race will be a test to see a comparison
It will be interesting, to bad Seefeldt, Steinhart and Fitzgerald's are not going to be there to see where single ports are compared to you guys. I'm only aware of one CORR single buggy that will be there. With how fast Dennington, and Phanchutch where last year i think the dual ports will mop up


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Oscar said:
They wouldn't have this problem if they invited class 7 & 7s.......No offense to the buggie guys!
Yeah!!! :mad:

Jorge Rodriguez

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class 7 put on a better show than TT or Class 1, I would rather they put the class 7 then other desert cars, great race, action packed, TT and Class 1 had to long of a course to make it that action packed...


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kevin bedrock graves said:
... hey you 7 guys have you called corr , i can't believe they dont want you there. all those roll overs thats excitment. i'd pay just to watch you guys.
Email sent today
Called CORR HQ, spoke with Rachel who said this was an big issue, then referred me to Scott Rane <sp?> Left a voice message inquiring what it will take to have mini truck racing at CORR.


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Yeah, I talked with Tim (I think) a month ago and he said, there was a petition going around to get us back in. Tim said, he thought there may be a chance for us to run the last 2 or 3 CORR races if we all kept pressing the issue.

So for all the 7 guys, keep calling them on it. Dont give up!!
I'm gonna start calling every chance I get. Let see how many times they can say NO!


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and they just keep ignoring the 5-1600 also..you could get an easy 15 cars there. corr does not respond to email I guess.


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Javier Sacio is going to be at media day. What class is he racing if not 7?
Is pfankuch, Dennington, Forrest going to race?
What about the ladies? :confused:



Dan McMillin

pappawheely said:
the 7 trucks did put on a great show last year!
Definitely one of the coolest parts of the whole deal last year.

Oh, and the Pro-2s flying into turn 1 off the start. lol


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amcmillin said:
Probst just built me and my sister top-of-the-line single buggies. Unfortunately, the cars will not be able to make the first CORR event on the 20th of this month, but we will be at the next CORR race in Chula Vista in July.
I visited Probst shop last week. The cars are exceptional in every way. Kevin and Jeff Probst utterly dominated the buggy classes in the Midwest for years, with the exception of Scott Taylor. Although the older brother Jeff, retired from driving a few years ago, he continued to stay active building Toyota motors for Jeff Kincaid's championship Pro-Lite up until two years ago. Jeff has had the dyno working overtime wringing out the last little bit on these VW motors. I have little doubt that these cars are the new standard in this class.


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I believe Greg Crew is racing his Class 12 legal 2 seater in the Super Buggy class less all the desert stuff. He might do all of the Chula Vista Rounds


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I think they should run Ascot style motorcycles between the truck racing... What were they called "Hot Shoe" or something like that??? 900cc Harleys and BSA's and Triumphs... like I grew up watching at Elsinore Raceway!!! Those guys WERE crazy!!!