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corr media day pix


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conference , the ride with travis was awesome :eek:
josh baldwin truck

Rhonda konitzer

josh and fco.cervantes " el zorro"

Evan evans,curt leduc,jerry whelchel & jim Baldwin

7 cars ready for use

Jerry whelchel

Josh baldwin

Steve Barlow

Carl renezeder

again steve barlow 29

renezeder lucas oil

Red bull truck 29

Fabtech motorsports present in the event

marty on fire :eek:

trophy truck

with marty,minutes before of my ride

Inside the trophy truck…… :) ::)f&%$·KKK ;D


Titan renezeder..lucas oil racing

Josh Baldwin pre runner

josh in the ride

here inside the car gabriel garcia


Corr flan

Jorge Rodriguez

50% tortoise 50% hare
awesome pictures, I love the one of Josh in the pre-runner...